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Most members of the Canadian Armed Forces never fire a shotgun as part of their military training or duties. But the instructors of 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group carry them routinely when they travel to the Far North of Ontario to train Canadian Rangers.

“It’s a very effective weapon against black bears and polar bears,” said Captain Caryl Fletcher, the officer commanding the 630 Canadian Rangers in 23 First Nations in Northern Ontario. “They have lots of encounters with bears in camp areas when they are training with the Rangers.”


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The Junior Canadian Rangers program is becoming a successful youth program in Northern Ontario.

“We now have almost 1,000 Junior Canadian Rangers in 20 First Nations,” said Captain John McNeil, the Canadian Army officer who commands the Junior Rangers in Northern Ontario. “The actual number is 979. It’s great news because it proves the program is working. It not only proves to us that the program is working but it proves it to the people who provide the money and the funding.”

Canadian Rangers observe National Aboriginal Veterans Day

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Canadian Rangers on a weeklong military training course took time out of their busy program to hold a sunset ceremony to observe National Aboriginal Veterans Day on November 8.

Rangers held the ceremony from 18 First Nations from across northern Ontario that were training in search and rescue techniques at the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre at Meaford, near Owen Sound.


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Junior Canadian Rangers and members of the Canadian Armed Forces paid tribute at the funeral on Saturday for a Junior Ranger who committed suicide in Fort Albany, a small Cree community on the coast of James Bay.

Garrett Tomagatick, 13, died on October 15, the result, according to his family and others, of bullying and constant comments about problems with his weight. His death occurred after his sister, Thomasania, 27, took her own life on March 6 of last year. Garrett’s death was the fourth suicide in Fort Albany this year.

Webequie Rangers rescue stranded travellers on winter road

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Norman Shewaybick and his son Norman had been stranded for several hours when their truck got stuck in deep snow on the winter road between Nibinimik First Nation (Summer Beaver) and their home in Webequie First Nation.

As the temperature dropped during the night to a low of -28C with a wind chill of -40C on Thursday morning they were forced to use the truck’s engine to provide themselves with heat. They could only use it for limited periods so they could conserve what remained of their fuel. They were cold and exhausted from trying to dig their vehicle out of the snow.

Canadian Rangers find snowmobiler who ran out of fuel

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Moses Kakekaspan recovering in the nursing station. Photo by Sergeant Matthew Gull

Canadian Rangers from two First Nation communities conducted a successful joint search on Wednesday for an overdue snowmobiler who ran out of fuel in temperatures that dipped to -33C with wind chills of -43C.

They found him after he had abandoned his snowmobile and had been walking in deep and blowing snow for two hours.

“He was very lucky,” said Sergeant Jamie Stirling, provincial search and rescue co-ordinator for the Ontario Provincial Police. “If the Rangers had not found him he could have died. Once again the Rangers did a good job.”


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