Best Buy makes generous donation to DFC

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A group of Dennis Franklin Cromarty First Nations High School students celebrated the presentation of a $10,000 STEM Tech Grant by a group of Best Buy staff in math teacher Alyssa Saj’s classroom.

Photo by Rick Garrick.

Dennis Franklin Cromarty First Nations High School is looking to purchase more iPads for the students use thanks to a $10,000 STEM Tech Grant from Best Buy.

“Our students don’t have the ability to get their own devices themselves, so having them available here at the school is just fantastic,” says Alyssa Saj, a math teacher at DFC. “We’re able to do more hands-on work where they actually can understand what we are covering instead of just trying to do it with paper and pencil.”

Saj says the students are “super excited” about having more technology to use at DFC.

“The more we have available the better — right now we only have 25 iPads available for over 100 students,” Saj says. “So that means classes are sharing them, you only have limited time with them and you just can’t use them as much as you’d like to, so the more we can get the better.”

DFC was one of 15 secondary schools across the country that were awarded cash grants of up to $10,000 through Best Buy’s Tech Grant program. Best Buy donated a total of $117,877 to the 15 schools, which were selected from more than 260 applicants.

“It’s important that students have access to technology,” says Shanna Morson, store leader at Best Buy in Thunder Bay. “With the way the world is going, technology is the answer. We want them to have that at the tip of their fingers so they can have access to everything.”

Morson says the local staff at Best Buy were “super proud” that one of this year’s STEM Tech Grants went to a local school. Best Buy previously provided a Tech Grant to St. Ann School in Thunder Bay a few years ago.

“They did tablets and MacBooks for I believe it was Grade 1 to Grade 5,” Morson says about the St. Ann School Tech Grant. “They absolutely love it — they come in and see us all the time to upgrade and go from there.”

The STEM Tech Grants are designed for schools looking to enhance technology in programs pertaining to science, technology, engineering and math, which includes robotics clubs, math programs, computer coding and digital media courses.

Best Buy also provides General Tech Grants to schools to help improve or integrate technology in classrooms to advance student learning. This could include new technologies for libraries, special needs classrooms and literacy programs.

“In Canada we are lucky to have so many motivated students who want to use technology to enhance their lives,” says Karen Arsenault, Best Buy Canada’s community investment manager. “With the latest tech in their hands, students will be able to take on new projects and set goals that they’re passionate about. Through their own hard work and the guidance of their teachers, they will be able to build a foundation of tech skills that will prepare them for their future.”

Best Buy has provided more than $2.1 million over the past 12 years to 210 Canadian schools to purchase new technology, in addition to offering post-secondary scholarships and supporting youth with hands-on tech learning opportunities.

Information about the Tech Grants is available online at:

The Best Buy School Tech Grants program was created to equip Canadian students with the right technology to keep them inspired, motivated and empowered as they learn and grow.

Grants for elementary schools are typically offered in the spring and grants for secondary schools are typically offered in the fall.

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