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Gathering engages Wabun youth

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The fifth annual Wabun Youth Gathering July 18-29 had 85 youth from Wabun Tribal Council communities attend.
The gathering, held in Elk Lake, southeast of Timmins and near Matachewan First Nation, was sponsored by Wabun Tribal Council Health Services. It featured presentations by Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Grand Chief Stan Beardy and Deputy Grand Chief Terry Waboose.

Many displaced by forest fires in region

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I love this hot and dry summer we are having but it comes with a price. The problem is that many forest fires have been burning throughout Ontario and in particular northern Ontario.
This is a great time of the year for all of us to enjoy the outdoors but we must be aware that when the fire hazard is high we should not be having any campfires.
It is necessary to remember that during these very hot and dry months the forest is like a giant tinderbox. The smallest ignition can result in a terrible fire that causes damage over thousands of hectares of wilderness forest.

Preparation key to moving forward

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Have you ever been stumped? The meaning traditionally has to do with being stuck and unable to proceed with something. It dates back to early agriculture when a farmer hit a stump while ploughing his field and stopped dead.
I really understand the origins of this word after having fought with an 80-year-old stump in my backyard recently. Earlier in the summer I had taken the tall pine down with my chainsaw as it was rotting and had become a danger.
This regal old tree stood more than 50 feet high but something had gotten to it and large holes appeared where rot had set in.

Finding shelter from the storm

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I sat down at the cottage recently and looked outside a picture window facing the lake. It was a cool afternoon and I watched the light fade under layers of dreary clouds that hung lazily overhead.
I sat comfortable in my warm chair as I sipped on a cup of hot tea while being warmed by the crackling fire in the huge old stove. There’s nothing like that feeling of coziness that you get when inside a comfy warm place with cold, wet weather situated on the other side of the window.  

We have the tools to fight diabetes

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I just experienced something that opened my eyes. I read stories now and then about how serious the situation is for Canadians and in particular for Native People’s when it comes to diabetes. However, I am shocked after attending the Timmins Diabetes Expo (see related story). 
A guest speaker from the United States said 360 million people will get diabetes this year. Ginger Kanzer-Lewis also said someone dies of complications from diabetes every seven seconds. How crazy is that? 

United to fight diabetes

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Diabetes awareness was the focus of inspirational and motivational speakers at the Timmins Diabetes Expo Sept. 17.
This year’s event featured guest speakers Mairlyn Smith, a professional home economist and author who is also an alumnus of the Second City Comedy Troupe, and Ginger Kanzer-Lewis, a past president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators and an international speaker on diabetes health issues.  

Burning ring of fire

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My friends have always been amazed at the fact that I know the words to so many old country tunes. Well, I was brought up listening day and night to my parents’ collection of country music records and for better or worse they are etched in my memory banks forever. One tune in particular, Ring of Fire, seems to have more meaning than most these days.


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