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Concerns raised over AANDC’s $106 million of litigation

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:22

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)’s $106 million in litigation spending has raised flags in Ottawa and with the Chiefs of Ontario.
It was revealed last November that AANDC spent $106 million in legal fees for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the most of any federal department.
Canada Revenue Agency was a distant second on the list, spending about $66 million in legal fees for the same period.

Traditional medicines book launched

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Pic River’s Raphael Moses recently launched his Holistic Adventures book on traditional medicines at DefSup’s Feb. 21 Book Market and Launch.
“It deals with the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional,” said Moses, who began studying traditional medicines about 35 years ago. “There are pictures of the herbs, the barks, the roots, what they are (used) for, where you can find them, when to pick them, how to dry them, how to prepare them and how to look after yourself in healthy living.”
Moses began his traditional medicine studies by sitting down and listening to the Elders.

Rapping dad featured at Embrace Life Forum

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Rapping dad Derek Clark was a hit during the 10th Embrace Life Forum, held Feb. 18-19 in Thunder Bay.
“He’s a Cherokee Indian — he went through a lot of child care and foster homes,” said NAN Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic. “He identifies with a lot of youth who are in counselling. He was (involved with) drugs and alcohol and a broken home, so he was a very interesting speaker for our youth.”

Moose Cree First Nation benefits from saveONenergy program

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The Ontario Power Authority’s saveONenergy Aboriginal Conservation Program is a hit in Moose Cree First Nation.
“It’s pretty good, actually — it’s benefitting our members through more energy efficient homes,” said Bertha K. Sutherland, associate executive director with Moose Cree First Nation.
“Right now we have up to about 106 approved applications and we received another three while (the certified energy auditors) were in town.”
Sutherland said the auditors have been busy checking out homes over the past three weeks in the James Bay coastal community.

Constance Lake wins housing award — 106 homes over 15 years

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Constance Lake’s consistent house-building efforts were rewarded with the 2014 Community Innovation Housing Award at the 12th Annual First Nations Northern Housing Conference.
“Our housing development over the years has been consistent and very manageable,” said Corrina Cheechoo, Constance Lake’s housing program manager. “We have a good sound team — we are all working towards the same goal so we can provide safe homes for our community members.”

Sandy Lake’s midget champions headed to Northern Bands

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Sandy Lake was among the big winners at the Little Bands tournament in Sioux Lookout and now some of the players from the midget team are heading back for the upcoming Northern Bands Hockey Tournament.
Sandy Lake won the Midget A-Side, Peewee A-Side, Girls B-Side, Novice B-Side, Atom C-Side and Bantam C-Side championships during the Little Bands tournament, held Feb. 10-16 at the Sioux Lookout Memorial Arena and Lac Seul Events Centre.

Full Moon Memory Walk co-founder honoured at LUNSA Annual Powwow

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The life of Full Moon Memory Walk co-founder Lynne Sharman was honoured during a special dance at the Lakehead University Native Student Association’s Annual Powwow.
“I knew we had to honour Lynne at this powwow because she was a big part of the powwow circle going back for a lot of years,” said Sharon Johnson, who co-founded the Full Moon Memory Walk with Sharman. “She followed the Anishinabe way for so long, as far as I can remember. Even before I met her, I used to see her dancing around with her eyes closed and her pouch of tobacco in her hand.”

Gearldton youth wins award for multiple-choice ending book

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Geraldton’s Lennox Michon recently won an award for his multiple-choice ending book Impossible at the 4th Annual Writing Contest in Thunder Bay.
“It’s about this boy in his everyday life,” Michon said about his 20-page book. “In the first part of the scene he’s getting chased by a bully and one of the choices is you either go back to class or you just don’t think of anything and just get picked on.”
Michon was inspired by other books that also had multiple endings.

Youth check out entrepreneurship and business opportunities

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:22

Entrepreneurship for youth was the focus of Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund’s recent Nishnawbe Kids Business Program at the Landmark Inn in Thunder Bay.
“We’re hoping these programs will bring more awareness of entrepreneurship and businesses to the communities, starting when the kids are young,” said Wendy McKay, NADF’s youth coordinator. “(To) just be more aware that they could choose to go into business if they wanted to. Most kids now think about being a doctor or a lawyer.”


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