Mar 16, 2016    0

At least one indigenous leader stormed out of a premier's meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling the reunion a "shamble" and a "failure."

Chief Allan Adam from Alberta wasn’t...

Jan 10, 2016    0

On December 14, 2015, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change was held in the Le Bourget suburb of Paris. Representatives of the Canadian Government were present at the talks, however the...

Neesha and her son Alex. Submitted photo.
Dec 25, 2015    0

The Ring of Fire is a name that has been given to a planned mining chromite project (The Iron Chromium Oxide extracted from it is used in chrome plating and in the production of stainless steel)...

Dec 01, 2015    0

Six Cree youth and their guide embarked on an incredible 1,600 km journey two months ago to bring a message of unity, cultural pride and hope to Ottawa.

Dec 01, 2015    0

It all started in mid-December when a youth in Whapmagoostui First Nation began thinking of ways to show his support for Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence.
At the time, Spence was in the...

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