My journey with cancer

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Submitted by a Wawatay reader
The word “cancer” invokes fear in a lot of people. I am no different. I wondered for awhile how I would tell my loved ones. “Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth.” (
Since I have told my family, I now face this part of my life journey with learning. There is no cure for cancer but it is treatable. How do I get more informed about breast cancer?

Historical pics found at yard sale

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Sioux Lookout resident Carol-Ann Madsen purchased a dusty old photo album at a yard sale in Sioux Lookout a few years ago. It turned out the album belonged to Gifford Swartman, a former World War II veteran and well-known local Indian Agent for the federal government. The album is full of black and white photos documenting his trips to northern communities in the early 1940-50s. The communities named are Webequie, Mishkegogamamng (Osnaburg), Cat Lake, Sandy Lake, Weenusk, Bearskin Lake and various unnamed places and faces.

Thoughts on Stan

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I used to call Stan at his office once in while, just to chat and share my thoughts with him. Sometimes, he would start off when he answered the phone “Hello Luke.....what did Chretien say?”
Well, I would repeat what (Jean) Chretien had said when he was the Minister of Indian Affairs. “My government will do everything”. Stan would always laugh at that line. Then we would settle down to real discussion.


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