NAN Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic speech

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I think we’re living in exciting times. A long time ago our ancestors lived off the land, fishing and trapping. That’s not feasible. But there’s other rich gifts that we have in our traditional lands. Minerals, waterways and forestry. And I think we know that we need the partnership to get the benefits for all people of northwestern Ontario. I think we need to open more dialogue with our neighbours, with the municipalities. What they want is exactly what we want for our children. Safe, healthy communities.

Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler speech

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In terms of some of the issues and priorities that we heard from the chiefs during the campaign, as you know there are several issues that they face and deal with every day. But one of the themes that we heard was in terms of the change that they see coming into our lands. The Ring of Fire, and the mining development that is taking place and will be taking place.

NAN Deputy Grand Chief Les Louttit speech

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I’m very happy obviously that I’m reelected, that the chiefs have confidence in getting me back in to work on the issues I’ve worked on based on the mandates they had given us the first term.
I think we made some progress towards establishing a vehicle, an entity that will address the housing and infrastructure issue and the capital needs of our communities. As you know, we’re close to a 5,000 home backlog across NAN, and then there’s the associated infrastructure such as water, sewage, roads and hydro to support those facilities that will be required.

Sandy Lake takes on the world in marathon, 1500 metre challenge

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Submitted by Sandy Lake Running Club
Despite having to run on a cold and wet day in muddy conditions, Sandy Lake finished in 72 place out of 200 schools from around the world in the 2012 world marathon and 1,500 metre challenge.
The Sandy Lake Running Club participated for the second straight year, running in this world event. The competing runners were between the ages of 7 and 13.

Tips for Halloween candy

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In northwestern Ontario, nearly 26,000 people are living with diabetes and more than 50,000 have prediabetes and are at risk of developing the disease.
The Canadian Diabetes Association has put out the following tips to ensure that all children, including those with diabetes, can have fun and celebrate with friends and family this Halloween.

Considering other options to Anishinabe Ojibway autonomy

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Even though I may have partial support from the local native intelligensia and other non-native groups, I definitely have ruffled a few eagle feathers or upset the applecart (i.e. the Indian establishment, INAC bureaucrats and/or the ‘status quo’ as Shawn Atleo calls it) with my political commentary.
Therefore, at the risk of being misunderstood, I shall pose this question to all the nay-sayers out in Indian country: What is the alternative to the ideas of Anishinabe Ojibway freedom and autonomy which I had outlined in a previous letter to the editor?

Aboriginal youth writers can win award

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Education is one of the most powerful tools to help youth succeed. It provides young people with a foundation to build their dreams, and it gives them an opportunity to set goals, make a plan and work hard to realize those dreams – whatever they may be.
I believe programs that encourage writing and literacy are crucial for our youth. That’s why I am honoured to be a member of the Advisory Council for the James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Award. This award gives our youth a chance to have their voices heard.


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