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Wreath laid to honour Aboriginal servicewomen

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:22

A wreath honouring Aboriginal servicewomen from World War II was laid by Mishkeegogamang’s Isabelle Mercier during the Remembrance Day ceremonies at Waverly Park in Thunder Bay.
“We had the honour to have the Aboriginal servicewoman from World War II here in Thunder Bay,” Mercier said after the Nov. 11 ceremony. “Thirty-five per cent of our people signed up voluntarily in World War I, thirty-three per cent of our people signed up in World War II. Their service is to be honoured as all service when a country is in need.”

Ontario chiefs reject First Nations Education Act

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Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council (OFNYPC) members stood in unity with Ontario chiefs to reject the First Nations Education Act at the Nov. 26-28 Chiefs of Ontario Special Chiefs Assembly.
“Our young people are opposed to this legislation for the First Nations Education Act,” said Quinn Meawasige, a OFNYPC member from Serpent River. “I was just at a national youth summit where there were youth from all across Canada, from coast to coast, and we made a firm stance that we do not in any way support the First Nations Education Act.”

Justice issues raised during NAN-Wide Justice Summit

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Eabametoong Chief Elizabeth Atlookan called for communities to empower themselves over justice issues during the Nov. 19-21 NAN-Wide Justice Summit.
“We need to understand that we cannot wait,” Atlookan said. “You heard Frank Iacobucci yesterday and he said in his (First Nations Representation on Ontario Juries) report that the justice system was in a crisis. So how long are we going to wait to do something, to own it, to empower our communities.”

Grassy Narrows rejects MNR clearcut plans

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Grassy Narrows has rejected Ministry of Natural Resources plans for more clear-cut logging in their traditional territory.
“Premier Wynne, it is within your power to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated at the expense of another generation of Grassy Narrows children,” said Grassy Narrows Chief Simon Fobister in an Oct. 31 open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne. “I call on you to ensure that never again will Ontario attempt to force decisions on our people and our lands.”

Aboriginal artisans do “very well” at Victoriaville sale

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Slate Falls’ Chancillor Crane used his birch root carvings to overcome a tragedy in his community this past summer.
“We lost five people and this helped me deal with a lot of stuff,” Crane said. “In a way, it’s my therapy.”
Crane first began carving his birch root carvings after discovering a uniquely-shaped root while clearing his yard.
“One day I was cleaning my yard in the fall time and a frozen stump came out and I just started carving it,” Crane said. “I saw a cane at first and then I saw an eagle head. It just grew from there.”

B.C. carver’s huge Thunderbird carving a hit at Victoriaville

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Coast Salish carver George Franks’s hand-carved Thunderbird was a hit at the 13th Annual Aboriginal Fine Arts and Crafts Xmas Gift Show and Sale.
“This is my interpretation of the Nanabosho story,” said Franks, who carved the Thunderbird from a 100-year-old red cedar tree. “Nanabosho’s friend was the wolf, so this is the wolf here, and the Thunderbird is on top.”
Franks, who has been living in Thunder Bay for about five years, said the copper plates on the piece represent the copper that was once mined and traded by Anishinabe traders from the local area.

Auditor General calls for emergency prevention

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The Auditor General has raised flags about the way emergencies are handled in First Nation communities in his 2013 Fall Report, released on Nov. 26.
Auditor General Michael Ferguson examined a number of issues in his report that the federal government had been struggling to address, including online government services, food recalls, illegal entry into Canada, emergency management on First Nations reserves, oversight of rail safety, disaster relief for agricultural producers, and internal controls over financial reporting.


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