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Aboriginal people get embedded with radio crew, police

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:23

A day with CBC Radio’s Superior Morning crew was a hit with Anishinabe author Sandi Boucher.
“I got there at 5:45, just as the show was starting,” Boucher said. “I was right in the booth with Lisa (Laco) and Mary Jean Cormier and looking at Elliott (Doxtater-Wynn) in the next booth so it was absolutely amazing.”
Boucher visited the morning show on Oct. 3 as part of CBC Thunder Bay’s Embedded project, which offered ordinary Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people the chance to explore, examine and experience life outside their cultural comfort zone.

NAN launches residential school curriculum to help educate public

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:23

Nishnawbe Aski Nation has launched the NAN Residential School Curriculum to provide high school students with more knowledge about the history and impacts of the residential school system.
“A lot of the children of the survivors of residential school need to hear their stories,” said Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic, who holds NAN’s education portfolio. “The children of the communities, and even the broader society, need to understand the tragedy of our history of the residential school era.”

Youth baseball and hockey leagues suggested for Treaty #3

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:23

Former Toronto Blue Jay players may soon be coaching Grand Council Treaty #3 youth about the skills and fundamentals of baseball.
“We were talking with the Toronto Blue Jays about a month ago,” said Nigigoonsiminikaaning Chief Gary Allen during the Treaty #3 Chiefs Fall Assembly, held Oct. 22-24 in Lac Seul. “We talked about having a baseball coaching clinic where former Toronto Blue Jays would come to our community and teach our youth about baseball.”

Local First Nations support Elsipogtog protest

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First Nations across Ontario reacted with shock to the Oct. 17 Royal Canadian Mounted Police action at a shale gas protest site near Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick.
“We are shocked by yesterday’s developments and we pray for the safety of Chief Arren Sock, his community members and other land defenders who are at the site on Elsipogtog First Nation traditional lands,” said Regional Chief Stan Beardy.

Pic Mobert celebrates Gitchi Animki Hydroelectric Project

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Pic Mobert recently celebrated the ground breaking of the Gitchi Animki Hydroelectric Project on its traditional territory on the White River.
“This is the greatest economic achievement of our nation and people in our modern history,” said Pic Mobert Chief Johanna Desmoulin. “This has been a long journey that has been motivated and energized by our people who will benefit from this work for many generations.”

Juries Review Implementation Committee meets in Thunder Bay

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Concerns about Ontario’s justice system and jury roll process were heard by Ontario’s Juries Review Implementation Committee during its first session on Oct. 10 in Thunder Bay.
“It was really good this morning to hear from members of the community who talked about their own experiences, not just with the justice system but also with the jury roll process,” said Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, who is co-chair of the committee. “I think it’s good for the committee to hear that and for us to learn from those types of experiences that were shared with us this morning.”

Grandmother finds life tough on the street

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Life on the street in Thunder Bay has been “very tough” for a grandmother from Eabametoong.
“It’s getting a lot worse now,” Deborah Waboose said on a sunny Thanksgiving Day in the Intercity area. “We’ve lost so many people in the past month and a half. They’re gone — died.”
Waboose, who has eight children and four grandchildren, doesn’t recall exactly how long she has been living on the streets, but she said it was “a long time, years.”
“I have family here but I don’t depend on them,” Waboose said. “I’d rather not go to them and say ‘Can I stay with you.’”

NAN talks education with Treaty #3 chiefs

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Nishnawbe Aski Nation recently met with Grand Council Treaty #3 about the federal government’s Proposal for a Bill on First Nations Education.
“There is a major change on the horizon that will affect us all as First Nations and also our education organizations — the status quo will not be an option,” said Deputy Grand Chief Goyce Kakegamic on the second day of Treaty #3’s fall assembly, held Oct. 22-24 in Lac Seul.


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