Ontario Regional Chief acknowledges National Day of Remembrance for Violence against Women

Create: 12/07/2018 - 01:50

Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald acknowledges the National Day of Remembrance for Violence against Women this December 6, 2018. This auspicious day marks the massacre of 14 young women, 13 of whom were students, at the L’Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal in 1989.

“In 2017, 88,000 women were killed and 50,000 of those women were killed by an intimate partner or family member. We cannot let this continue to happen. We have the responsibility to stand up for these women.” said Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald. “To date Ontario’s Long-Term Strategy to End Violence against Indigenous Women offers an incredible opportunity for an inter-ministerial approach to end violence and abuse, however we must implement more effective programs similar to this that will keep our women and communities safe.”

“For far too long, these crimes against indigenous and non-indigenous women have gone unheard. The time is now to act. We must continue to spread awareness, education and ultimately, eliminate gender based violence against women,” said Ontario Regional Chief Archibald. “We have to continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and breathe resiliency. We will look toward a brighter future, where our women stand tall and our gender does not equate to what we are capable of. With coordinated action and collaboration between all communities, we will heal these wounds and move forward together.”

“Vigils across Canada will be taking place throughout the week. I invite everyone to take a moment to commemorate these young women and all missing and murdered Indigenous women, whose lives have been lost due to senseless gender based violence. I encourage you to attend and remember the lives lost and help us end violence against women.”

If you are experiencing violence, or know someone who is, please contact Talk4Healing. This is a culturally grounded, fully confidential helpline for Indigenous women. This service is available in 14 languages across Ontario. You can text or call 1-855-554-HEAL or visit their website here: http://www.talk4healing.com/

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Friday, December 7, 2018 - 01:47