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Ceremony held at site of new courthouse

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The Aug. 21 cleansing ceremony at the future site of the Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse may be a first in Ontario, said Attorney General Chris Bentley.
“In many ways it is a ground-breaking ceremony,” Bentley said after Nishnawbe Aski Nation Elder Josias Fiddler completed the cleansing ceremony around the empty lots along the north side of the Victoriaville Centre in Thunder Bay. “There are some traditions of the past in justice that we would like to break with.”

Oshki-Pimache-O-Win students return to campus

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Priscilla King is studying Oshki-Pimache-O-Win’s Native Early Childhood Education program so she can eventually open up a daycare centre in her own community.
“I’ve always wanted to take this program,” said the second-year student from Kingfisher Lake. “My dream was to start a daycare in my community, which we don’t have yet.”
King and nine other students, including her husband Chris King, began the third semester of the five-semester NECE diploma program Aug. 21 with a two-week on-campus session at Oshki-Pimache-O-Win in Thunder Bay.

Aboriginal victims given voice

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Aboriginal victims of crime in the Thunder Bay area have been given a voice and information where they can reach out for help.
“We need to support them, we need to support their healing, and we need to support their ability to carry on (with) their lives,” said Attorney General Chris Bentley during an Aug. 20 gathering at the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre.
“Everybody is affected in a different way by crime.”

Cellphone use continues in the North

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Fort Severn’s cellphone service has helped community members keep in contact while conducting searches outside the community.
“The most recent case was when the (searchers) kept in contact with each other when one of our community members passed on,” said Fort Severn Chief Matthew Kakekaspan. “About a month ago they were looking for him all night. They finally found him the following morning and they were able to contact the community and contact the police that they had found the body.”

Anti-Bill 191 campaign builds steam

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Shibogama’s Margaret Kenequanash is planning to join the protesters at the Kill the Bill! No to Bill 191 – The Far North Act rally.
“It is a concern of mine that this could have a big impact on the lives of our people should this legislation go through,” said the executive director of Shibogama First Nations Council.
“One big concern that I have is the ministerial discretion. If we are saying we are a nation and we are sovereign, we should not hand over our jurisdiction to a provincial government. Especially if we have a treaty with the crown.”

Gravelle to consider Matawa proposal

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Aroland chief gives deadline for response
Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry Minister Michael Gravelle is planning to respond to a $2.1 million Matawa First Nations Ring of Fire funding proposal.
“We take their request very seriously,” Gravelle said during an Aug. 26 interview on Ring of Fire issues. “We will be responding to the request and I am very confident and optimistic we will continue to have a positive relationship with all the Matawa First Nations.”

Education the key: Seven Generations grads

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Institute closing in on 1,000 grads
Seven Generations Education Institute hosted an alumni career exhibition before its 20th graduation celebration in Thunder Bay.
“We’re probably closing in on about 1,000 graduates in the 20 years,” said Mark Sault, Seven Generations Education Institute’s director of post-secondary student support program. “We had about 25 to 30 alumni come back and they are going to be doing a little promotion on where they work and where they went to school.”

Reel Injun ‘brilliant’, ‘outstanding’

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Laughter and cheers greeted Cree film director Neil Diamond’s feature documentary Reel Injun during the Sept. 10 opening of the Biindigaate Film Festival.
“There’s always different responses from different audiences, but tonight they were laughing so much,” Diamond said after his 85-minute film which retells the history of the Hollywood Indian was screened at the Paramount Theatre in Thunder Bay. “They usually laugh, but they were laughing at some things that other people don’t laugh at.”


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