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Wed, 2008-11-05 18:04

Booshoo,Tansi or hi What's

Booshoo,Tansi or hi
What's sundance to me.

The sundance ceremony is said to be a thousand years old or more and it's very powerful ceremony.It's a grand-daddy of all ceremonies.
I'm participant in a sundance ceremony for the last nine years and counting.
There's A lot of preparation required to participate in a sundance ceremony.There's many sundance ceremonies out there and the tree of life is the same in all sundance ceremony.No sundance ceremony is greater over than the other.It depends on the sundance chief,It's the chief that do things differently but the ideology is the same.As for me the Creator directed to the sundance ceremony,so I dance.

So I dance
I dance for myself
I dance for you
I dance for my family
I dance for the women I hurt
I dance for the missing women
I dance for the murdered women
I dance for the lost people
I dance for people on the street,jail, and hospitals
I dance for world peace
I dance for justice
I dance for future generations
I dance for the elders
I dance for respect
I dance for honour
I dance for four directions
I dance to be heard
I dance to sing
I dance to love
I dance to laugh
I dance to cry
I dance to heal
I dance for many reasons,and things that we take for granted
I dance because I'm a sundancer......


Mon, 2008-06-23 09:40

My experience at the Sundance


Kitchi meeg-wetch for having this available for our people to see in giving them an opportunity to understand what this ceremony is all about.

I am going into my 3rd sundance this year. It has truly been a blessing and has help me grow more in the 4 aspect of self- the spirit, self (physical), mental and to feel my heart, my emotions. While it is true when they say it takes a life time to heal, this sundance also help me be stronger in my faith.

As part of a sundancer, you need to have faith to pray for others especially the ones that are still lost. It is true when we are losing too many to alcohol, drugs, sniffing, jails, abuses and suicides. It has help me to continue helping others and save a life.

Creator give us all a freedom of choice but at the same time, our people have a history of being broken down over and over. Now we must rise up and take back what was ours-- For ourselves, for our people, for the Creation and our Creator!

Many many prayers your way....

A Sundancer

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