Choices for youth

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:32

A new social skills program focused on decision making, goal setting, alcohol, prescription drugs and self-respect has been established for youth at risk in Thunder Bay.
“As parents and guardians we all really try to teach our children the difference between right or wrong so they can make positive life choices as they face outside influences at school and in the community,” said Nancy Chamberlain, executive director at Thunder Bay Counselling Centre. “Unfortunately making the right choice is not always easy. The Choices program will provide guidance, role models, and support to help young people find the right direction in life.”
The Choices program is a free 10-week program led by volunteer mentors and role models for youth from different walks of life.
“We are actively seeking youth to participate in the program,” Chamberlain said. “Our mentors will show them that there are better choices available and will provide participants with someone to look up to and help them focus on the more important things in life.”
The Choices program was originally created in Sarnia-Lambton, located in southern Ontario, and has since successfully served more than 13,000 youth.
Information is available by contacting the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 684-1880.

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