Lac Seul artist in LU major studio exhibit

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The geology-focused art of Lac Seul’s Noreen Wilkins is among the works featured in the 2012 Annual Lakehead University Major Studio and Juried Student Exhibition.
“My paintings are based in geology, land forms,” Wilkins said. “I’ve kind of blown up specific areas and brought detail to them.”
Wilkins wants to show how the “earth operates” through her art and how that affects people.
“The smallest things can have a big change on our environment,” Wilkins said. “I’ve been taking geology courses along with the art most of the four years (at Lakehead University), so it’s a big interest of mine.”
Wilkins uses dripping, layering and texture techniques to produce her geology-focused art.
She also has a knitting-based piece in the major studio exhibition, which incorporates a vision of both women and men’s work into one work.
“I tried to combine the ideas of how men used to build houses, they did all the heavy lifting and the big jobs, and women were like the knitters at home,” Wilkins said.
“So I kind of combined those ideas. I used the crank more as a symbol of male construction. The clay is the tools; they have the equipment for what they’ve got to do and the equipment for knitting is really just a needle.”
The major studio exhibition also features a wide range of artwork, including hand-bound books, paintings, installations and ceramics, by graduating fourth-year Visual Arts students Aaron Veldstra, Ashley Walter, Breanna Bakkelund, Brittany Dupuis, Christina Kehler, Cindy Arpin, Elizabeth Hoskin, Ella Bell, Ginnie Culver-Antoniazzi, Hannah Johnson, Jessica Buzanko, Kathleen Twomey, Leanna Rosengren and Sarah Eby.
Wilkins first began drawing when she was a child, noting she always loved art.
“I always wanted to become an artist,” Wilkins said. “I pretty much liked to draw on paper, I sanded or I doodled in school. I was always picking up something.”
Wilkins found the sculpture classes to be the most interesting and challenging during her four years of study at Lakehead.
“I couldn’t really do that for my own self, and I never really thought I could do it for myself,” Wilkins said. “It covered such a wide variety of areas, like wood, like knitting, like steel.”
Wilkins organized the media campaign for the exhibition, which included production of the exhibition catalogue and getting the message out to local media.
The major studio exhibition runs from March 9-25 at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, while the juried student exhibition runs from March 9-April 1.
Awards and special commendations will be presented to students during the opening reception and awards event at 7:30 pm on March 16.

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