Fire hazard outside Fort Hope

Create: 07/22/2017 - 03:01

Wildfire Smoke seen from Fort Hope.
Photo by Sid O'Kees.

There is a wildfire worrying the residents of Fort Hope, Ontario. Community members have been complaining about seeing and smelling smoke in the community due to the winds from the northwest.

Some community members are worried about being evacuated, “I think it could be dangerous for our community if it gets worse or if it isn't out,” said Erin Atlookan, 15, “we could be sent out due to the smoke trying to kill us, it’s slowly coming our way, due to the wind by the looks of it,” said Atlookan. But Fort Hope is under no threat at this time due to the good sized lakes between the community and the fire, according to a letter from Travis Vernier, Greenstone Sector Response Officer. “We are going to continue to monitor with detection aircraft” wrote Vernier.

Johnathan Scott, Fire Information Officer for Northwestern Ontario, said that the fire is located northwest of the community, 41 km out, and has spread to 2,500 Ha, as of this writing. One hectare (Ha) is about the size of a sports field. The fuel type of the fire is boreal spruce and is now burning at minimal speed. The wildfire was confirmed on July 1st 2017 and seems to have been caused by lighting. NIP 009 is the name given to the wildfire in the Nipigon district.

Community members of Marten Falls Ontario, east of Fort Hope, have been seeing smoke passing by their community as well and have been wondering if it was from the Fort Hope wildfire but according to Scott, it is probably from another wildfire, NIP 011, which is 30 Ha in size and is also being monitored.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 03:00