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Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 38: February 11, 2010

Nadia MClaren Nadia is an intergenerational survivor, her traditional name is Manitou Ikwe. She made a film about her grandmother and her residential school days called “Muffins for Granny”. It was Nadia’s grandmother’s passing and unspoken past about her Residential School days at St. Joseph in Thunder Bay that drew her to explore the hidden truth. Great story! Survivors Toolkit: Consistency. What is consistency? It’s another word for practice. Practice, practice, practice! Doing something until you get it right.

Wolf Attack Interview

WRN's Harry Mawakeesic talks to KI band members about a recent wolf attack in their community.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 37: February 4, 2010

Lorraine Kenny-Beaton Lorraine went to Residential School for a total of 9 years – 6 years at Pelican Lake Residential School near Sioux Lookout, Ontario. 1 year at Shingwauk, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and 2 years at the Cecilia Jeffrey Residential School in Kenora. Her story is full of love, honesty and courage. Lorraine passed away in January 2010 from cancer. She very clearly explains how she became aware of how she was affected by Residential School in her family life. A Very good story. Survivors Toolkit: How good decision making can lead to change.

Interview with Marc Laliberte

Marc Laliberte is GM and organizer for team Ontario in the National Aboriginal hockey championships for 2010 and NAIG in 2011.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 36: January 28, 2010

Helen Cromarty Helen talks at length about her Residential School days, to show that when she went home for a short while each summer or sometimes not even, she was gradually losing her connections to her family and their way of life. She tells us how her friend kept her in touch with who she was, and is, and how today she still works at getting to know her family and people on a day to day basis. Survivors Toolkit: True decision making! Not just any decision making but True Decision making! This is where we follow our decisions through.

Susan Vella

Lawyer Susan Vella discusses the recent court case regarding Stirland Lake and Cristal Lake being recognized as former Residential Schools.

Eli Moonias at protest, Jan 20

Marten Falls Chief Eli Moonias discusses the recent blockade and protest over mining exploration in the Ring of Fire on Jan. 20.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 35: January 21, 2010

Daniel Sakchekapow Daniel talks about how he changed his life after being involved with gangs and coming to an elder wanting his Indian name. “No” he is told, “because you have too much pain in here,” she puts her hand on his chest. “I didn’t get the reaction I wanted he says.” Great story! Survivors Toolkit: Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness. Aggressive behavior is an indicator of uncontrolled anger. It is some thing that is going to hurt someone else, so it’s really important to know how that energy works!