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Mar 03, 2020    0

I am very lucky to be able to speak Ininimoon, my traditional Cree language. The word starts with the word Ininew, which is the word for ‘people’ and the last part ‘moon’ refers to the action of...

Mar 03, 2020    0

A Great Year To Get Sober

Maybe 2020 would be a good year to get sober. If you think you have a drug or alcohol problem or an addiction that is affecting your life and also the lives of...

Mar 03, 2020    0

Welcome to 2020

Mino-oosh-kee-poo-poo-n – This is the Cree way of saying ‘Happy New Year’.

2019 was quite a year and for we northerners up here in Ontario as it was full of snow...

Mar 03, 2020    0


Western thought calls the process of well-planned and implemented schemes of divisions in our society “social stratification.” Most of us know this as social classes. Our society...

Mar 03, 2020    0

Dealing with Healing Part 2

A defect with the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRRSA) was the colonial system that perpetrated the ill treatment at IRS, was the same system...

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