Kashechewan elects new chief

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Kashechewan First Nation has elected Derek Stephen as their new chief on Aug. 2.
Stephen beat out incumbent Jonathan Solomon to be the new leader of the community of about 1,700 members.
Since 1996, Stephen has worked on various small community projects. He has also served as deputy chief of the community for two terms and was CEO of Five Nations Energy Inc. for a year.
Stephen said he had been approached by community members on running for chief.
“I had given it some thought,” the 41-year-old said. “And I was given a vision that one day I would be leading the people and that’s how I decided to run.”
In his three-year term, Stephen plans on urging the federal government to uphold the MOU signed with the First Nation to rebuild the community. He said housing would be a priority.
Stephen also plans on finding the dollars to develop programs for youth to help address the issue of suicide.
“It’s one of my biggest concerns,” he said. “I’ve always been an advocate in dealing with that because I lost a niece to suicide.”
Stephen wanted to thank the people in the community giving him the opportunity to be their leader.
“I want to get together and work with the community, get them involved in decision making, and I think if we do that, we’ll stand together as one,” he said.
Amos Wesley is the new deputy chief of Kashechewan with Sophia Lazarus as the head councillor. David Lazarus, Sammi Lazarus, Wayne Lazarus, Jenesse Martin, George Reuben, Peter Spence, Kim Stephen, Eddy Sutherland, Hosea Wesley and Matthias Wesley Sr. were also elected to the band council. Mary Rose Hughie is the Elder representative, Phillip Good Sr.
represents the men, Brenda Wynne represents the women, David Wesley Jr. represents the male youth and Janell Carpenter represents the female youth.

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