Hardisty reelected as Moose Cree Chief

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Norm Hardisty Jr. has been reelected as the chief of Moose Cree First Nation.
Hardisty barely won the election against seven other candidates, eking out a victory by four votes. Hardisty received 159 votes while the next candidate Patricia Faries received 155 votes. Harry Rickard had 131 votes while David Fletcher had 111 votes.
Earl Cheechoo was elected as the deputy chief with 249 votes, beating out incumbent Charlie Cheechoo who had 191 votes and Vern Cheechoo and George Lazarus.
Joe Cheechoo was elected as the Elder councilor while Nancy Corston was elected as the youth councilor.
The community also voted in 12 councilors: Nellie Trapper, Katherine Faries-Quachegan, Bobby Echum, Mildred Alisappi, Mary Stella Schimmens, Christina Wynne, Victor P. Linklater, Paul Linklater, Elaine Jeffries, Gilbert R. J. Cheechoo Jr., Frances Sutherland, and Samantha Wesley.
The announcement came on June 12, fives days after the elections were held on June 7 after a candidate had filed the paperwork to do a recount.
The term of office for Moose Cree First Nation is four years, which commences Aug. 9.

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