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Contact Information

For newspaper inquiries email
To advertise with any of Wawatay’s products email

Sioux Lookout Office

Box 1180, 16 Fifth Avenue, Sioux Lookout, ON, P8T 1B7

1-800-243-9059 toll free
(807)-737-2951 phone
(807)-737-3224 fax

Wawatay News
(807)-737-2263 fax

WRN Call In Line
1-800-661-5171 toll free
(807)-737-4040 phone

Timmins Office

135 Pine Street South, Timmins, ON, P4N 2K3

1-877-929-2829 toll free
(705)-360-4556 phone
(705)-360-1601 fax

WRN Call In Line
1-866-976-2733 toll free
(705)-360-8583 phone

Thunder Bay Office

2nd FL. RBC Bldg., Ste. 202, Victoriaville, 620 Victoria Ave. E., Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 1A9

1-888-575-2349 toll free
(807)-344-3022 phone
(807)-344-3182 fax

Employee Contact Listing

Administration / Finance

  James Brohm, Acting Chief Executive Officer —
  Adelaide Anderson, Office Administrator —
  Trish Kakegamic, Finance Clerk —
  Grant Keesik, Reception/Circulation —


  James Brohm, Sales Administrator —

Tom Scura, Sale Representative —


Mark Kakekagumick, Client Services Clerk —

Wawatay News

  Lenny Carpenter, Publisher/Editor —
  Rick Garrick, Reporter —
  Matthew Bradley, Graphic Designer —


  Vicky Angees, Translator — Ojicree —

Print Services

  Roxy Shapwaykeesic, Art Director —

SEVEN Youth Media Network

  Stephanie Wesley, Seven Youth Media Director —

Wawatay Radio Network

  Randy Muskotaywenene, Program Coordinator —
Sioux Lookout
  Jerry Sawanas, Senior Broadcaster —
  Bill Morris, Broadcaster/Producer —
  Kenina Kakekayash, Broadcaster/Producer —
  Jules Spence, Broadcaster/Producer —
  George Nakogee, Broadcaster/Producer —
  Margaret Scott, Receptionsist/Broadcaster —

Wawatay TV

  Michael Dube, Producer / Editor —
  Victor Lyon, Producer / Editor —

Wawatay Technical Services

  Jeff Hindy, Head Technician / Audio Engineer —