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Xavier Kataquapit

There is no such thing as a bad movie

Most of my non-Native friends find it funny that I can sit through a really bad movie. The fact is that for the first 15 years of my life all I got to see were mostly bad movies. The luxury of having access to new Hollywood blockbusters and quality movies didn’t happen for me until I was in my late teens.

Nomadic Natives on the road

I recall as a teenager being eager to head south from my home in Attawapiskat to visit cities that were hosting summer events...

The Thing That Flies

I recall my early infatuation with “kah-mee-nah-mee-kok,” literary translated from Cree as “the thing that flies” or in modern English as “airplanes.”

Life Just Got Better For The Children Of Attawapiskat

Congratulations to everyone in Attawapiskat who fought so hard over many years to lobby for the construction of a new public school.

Meditation By Tractor

I have been thinking lately of buying a tractor.

Getting Ready For Winter

The forest surrounding the lake and near my cottage is dense with pine, birch and poplar trees, all kinds of brush, blueberry plants, mushrooms and plentiful wildlife.

The Magic Bus Ride

I took a road trip recently to southern Quebec to meet my mom Susan in Trois-Riveries...

The Legacy Of Laughter

I awoke today to the sad news that Robin Williams had passed away...

Wabun Youth Gathering: A Template For Success

Suicide is a major problem in First Nations right across the country.

Wabun Youth Gathering changing lives

Jean Lemieux and Mike Archer of Wabun Tribal Council Health Services took the healing dream of the late Elder Thomas Saunders and made it a reality with the creation of the annual Wabun Youth Gathering.

A Matter Of Survival

My experience with religion has been interesting to say the least.

Explosions In The Sky

It seems like human kind has always been fascinated by explosions in the sky.

Homage To Stan Louttit

It was a very cold day and we were struggling along in our little red car through near blizzard conditions on our way to Thunder Bay.

Heavens Above

I am dazzled by the starry night sky.