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Xavier Kataquapit

An Old Warrior Goes Home

If the comings and goings of people can be compared to a pebble tossed into a lake and the resulting ripples that radiate infinitely, then I would say that the passing of John R. Bradley, a member of Six Nations, will bless many with a spirit of good nature and humour for generations.

Swans On The Move

A flock of great white tundra swans fly overhead.

Something New In OL’CD

Making a living as an artist is not an easy thing to do but most of the time the rewards are amazing.

The Long Road To Ottawa

Congratulations to the Omushkegowuk Walkers for making their trek to Ottawa all the way from Attawapiskat.

It’s Time To Cut Back On Sugar

There is an epidemic happening in First Nation communities.

A Mouth Full Of Problems

Recently I had to deal with a tooth pain so I looked up a dentist in the area and made an appointment.

Walking And Singing For Change

Most mornings, one of the first things I do is to read the various online media that I prefer.

A Legacy of Kindness

There are many people I have known throughout my life that have had a positive influence on me. Some have affected me in ways I never really understood until recently.

Put Love and Joy back into Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and already I see the sales push everywhere I go.

The Winter Blues And The Gossip Game

I can’t seem to get comfortable with the change of season this year from fall to winter.

Remembering That War Is Never A Solution

Here in the wilderness, near the lake under a sea of sparkling stars, I have such peace as I watch the flames dance from my campfire.

The First Snow

I am always thrilled at the sight of the first snowfall...

Carolina Echeverria: our canary in a coal mine

There are a lot of great Aboriginal artists past and present in Canada...

Trees: a life giving resource

I love wood or Mistik. I must be part Beaver or Amisk because I am always wrapped up in projects where wood is the main ingredient.

Cellphones have changed my world

Cellphones are a big part of our lives these days...