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Xavier Kataquapit

Wabun Youth Gathering: A Template For Success

Suicide is a major problem in First Nations right across the country.

Wabun Youth Gathering changing lives

Jean Lemieux and Mike Archer of Wabun Tribal Council Health Services took the healing dream of the late Elder Thomas Saunders and made it a reality with the creation of the annual Wabun Youth Gathering.

A Matter Of Survival

My experience with religion has been interesting to say the least.

Explosions In The Sky

It seems like human kind has always been fascinated by explosions in the sky.

Homage To Stan Louttit

It was a very cold day and we were struggling along in our little red car through near blizzard conditions on our way to Thunder Bay.

Heavens Above

I am dazzled by the starry night sky.

In Honour Of Mechanics

I am not much of a mechanic but I am handy enough to be able to do basic maintenance on my truck and motorcycle.

Soaring: A Musical Antidote

These days my mind is filled with worry...

Mattagami youth to showcase talents at Miss North Ontario Pageant 2014

Janelle Golinowski, a member of Mattagami First Nation, will be showcasing her talents as a traditional dancer at the Miss North Ontario Regional Canada Pageant 2014.

An Old Warrior Goes Home

If the comings and goings of people can be compared to a pebble tossed into a lake and the resulting ripples that radiate infinitely, then I would say that the passing of John R. Bradley, a member of Six Nations, will bless many with a spirit of good nature and humour for generations.

Swans On The Move

A flock of great white tundra swans fly overhead.

Something New In OL’CD

Making a living as an artist is not an easy thing to do but most of the time the rewards are amazing.

The Long Road To Ottawa

Congratulations to the Omushkegowuk Walkers for making their trek to Ottawa all the way from Attawapiskat.

It’s Time To Cut Back On Sugar

There is an epidemic happening in First Nation communities.

A Mouth Full Of Problems

Recently I had to deal with a tooth pain so I looked up a dentist in the area and made an appointment.