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Richard Wagamese


I wear gumboots a lot these days. The weather has been rainy and the gravel road where the dog and I walk each morning gets boggy and slick.

The boy inside will always remain

There are things that come to you in life that you don’t expect...

Bullies, mud puddles and lessons learned

We inflated frogs. We were eight years old...

Bear snares and the Sixties Scoop

I’ve come a long way in my understanding of Ojibway things.

At my age I am comfortably brown

I’m brown. It’s the second or third thing I notice about myself every morning.


I’m old enough to remember when the sharpening man came through our neighborhood. He had an old station wagon with his tools in the back. He had a slide out table top that stood on a pair of saw horses where he worked.

Foster kids

Friends of ours are foster parents. They make their living at it and it’s a commitment they’ve made with themselves and with the kids who come under their care.


We live the most when we reach out to the people we share the planet with.

Battle Bluffs

I remember learning history in school.

Mountain morning

Mornings have become a special place to inhabit...

Learning to be human

For the longest time I wondered what it really meant to be Ojibwa...

Time passing

I’ve come to love predictability...

Ojibway Dream

My wife is a tremendous cook. She’s creative in the kitchen and can conjure fabulous meals out of whatever she finds in the larder. Unlike me who seems perpetually condemned to the same old unenlightened throw-it-in-a-pot and watch it boil philosophy, she’s a whiz.

Medicine Wheel

There’s a thin, bubbly creek I walk to that spills out of the mountains and through a small meadow a mile or so above our home...

Ojibwe graveyard

My brother Jack had passed away before I made it back to my people...