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Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout

New high school approved for Sioux Lookout

The Keewatin Patricia District School Board said it would make a major announcement during a student assembly at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) District High School. Then another snowstorm hit, delaying the long-awaited news.

Sioux Lookout welcomes back Little Bands

Representatives of Sioux Lookout officially welcomed the Little Bands Native Youth Hockey Tournament back to town on Dec. 16.

Miichim program honours hunters with feast

The hunting season so far hadn’t gone well for the people of Slate Falls First Nation. The weather wasn’t co-operating and no one was having any luck in shooting a moose.

The Medicine Bear comes to Sioux Lookout

Sioux Mountain Public School was host to a workshop put on by the Kahawi Dance Theatre.

High school reinforces traditional harvesting

Pelican Falls First Nations High School located just outside Sioux Lookout, is unique in the fact that it combines a formal school curriculum with traditional teachings.

Education issues explored through panel

An education panel in Sioux Lookout last week heard vital dialogue from educators and students from across the north.

Musician performs for national TV audience on awards show

For a folk singer from the small town of Sioux Lookout, performing on national television last week was just another step on his way to musical success.

A memorable day of bonding

Overcast weather did not deter the dozens of people who joined together on Front Street to celebrate Aboriginal Day in Sioux Lookout.

Fulfilling a dream: Wahsa graduates 14 students

For graduates such as Roy Fiddler, getting a high school diploma was an especially big accomplishment.

Sioux Lookout seminar tackles addictions

Over 270 people from across northwestern Ontario attended an addictions education awareness seminar in the Sioux Lookout Legion Hall on May 14 and 15.

Mogus sisters learn of student challenges at Pelican Falls

As Julia Mogus stood in a residence that houses First Nations youth who attend Pelican Falls First Nations High School, she marvelled at the distance the students have to travel just to achieve their high school diploma.