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Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 43: March 25, 2010

The Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee: “Everyone has a Story!” Race Relations Week in Sioux Lookout! Doug Semple, Terry Lynne Jewel, Kai Koivukoski, Laurel Wood talk about how SLARC was formed. White kids use to drive around hunting for Indians at night attacking them today the relationships in this town are friendly, open and forward looking and standing together! Survivors Toolkit: Not a regular show so no survivors toolkit.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 42: March 11, 2010

Joan Cachagee Joan grew up in her family’s traditional territory, always out on the land making a living. Then she was sent to Residential School. The effects made her do drugs and drinking and one day she went in her car to ram the first semi that came her way! She had had enough! Survivors Toolkit: Our topic is a continuation of Trust. This week we talk of ways of building trust in our lives again.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 41: March 4, 2010

Bill Constant Bill says that we have to process our experiences at Residential School, and not just talk about them. We have to bring out the emotions and express how we feel inside and get the pain and other feelings that are hurting us out. A good story! Survivors Toolkit: Trust. Trust is a very important tool when working with others. How can we use this to gain a healthy life.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 40: February 25, 2010

The Poem Show This show is a show that showcases poetry sent in by survivors and others who had written something about their experiences with Residential School or about Residential School. Survivors Toolkit: None for this episode.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 39: February 18, 2010

Justin Boshey Went to boarding school, had 4 brothers who went to Residential School and one never came home. Talks about amount of pain caused by R.S. We have a stigma from what was done to us. Apology is not enough, Gov’t should give FN people what they took. Survivors Toolkit: Setting our standards – a standard is based on what your core belief is, what your values are, the very essence of who we are.