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Omushkegowuk walkers reach Parliament Hill

After walking 1,700 kilometres over 49 days, the Omushkegowuk walkers completed their journey of walking from Attawapiskat to Ottawa.

Youth walking to Ottawa over water pollution

A group of Youth for Lakes walkers is raising concerns about Lake Winnipeg’s deteriorating environmental conditions by walking more than 2,100 kilometres to Ottawa.

Completing an epic journey

Six Cree youth and their guide embarked on an incredible 1,600 km journey two months ago to bring a message of unity, cultural pride and hope to Ottawa.

Journey of Nishiyuu youth walkers reach Ottawa

After walking more than 1,600 kilometres over the past three months, the Journey of Nishiyuu reached its final destination when about 300 walkers marched to the steps of Parliament Hill on March 25.

New Aboriginal Affairs minister named

Bernard Valcourt, a New Brunswick MP, has been named Canada’s new minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC).

Duncan resigns as minister of Aboriginal Affairs

John Duncan, federal minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, has resigned as minister.

Idle No More: What happens next?

On the surface, it appears that the Idle No More movement is waning in its support and momentum.

From reporter to helper

I did not know what to expect when I first approached the gates to Victoria Island on Dec. 20.

Reflecting on 40 days on Victoria Island

Edmond Etherington travelled to Victoria Island with his family with the intention of only visiting Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence.

Spence ends sacred fast after 44 days

On a cold night in Ottawa, the last piece of wood was placed in the sacred fire that had burned for 45 days on Victoria Island.

Keekooshoomoowak: the fasters

From the beginning of her fast on Dec. 11, Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has not been alone in forgoing food as she waits for Prime Minister Stephan Harper and Governor General David Johnston to agree to a meeting.

Kaawechaheekoot: her helpers

As Theresa Spence continues her sacred fast on Victoria Island, she is aided by washkaybaowuk, the helpers who keep the camp going and protect her.