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Residential School Apology

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Mon, 2008-06-16 12:55


With reservations, I accepted the apology.
I arrived late to the viewing site, but when I witnessed all the people gathered to view and share in the event, I was overwhelmed...I imagined all the former students with their friends and families gathered together all across Canada in venues such as this. It was an awesome feeling.
As I viewed the apology in its entirety later, I felt demoralized in not seeing the Traditional Drum, the Eagle Staff, the Pipe and other Sacred Items (representative of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island) during the ceremony.
Also, not seeing the highest representatives of the Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican Churches of Canada, etc. there was disenheartening.
Overall, the apology was long overdue as many former students did not have a chance to share the moment with loved ones that have passed on.
With the apology issued and generally accepted, it is now time to keep on moving forward in the healing of our peoples...especially our children.

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