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Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 34: January 14, 2010

George Kenny George says there were things he liked in Residential School - like learning, but says there are the bad things that happened there too. He talks about wondering where this deep seated anger comes from and finding out about his sexual abuse in Residential Sch. Survivors Toolkit: “Being assertive.” Part of being able to set your personal boundaries comes from knowing how to be assertive. Being assertive is knowing when to say “No” to people that want to drag you off to do what THEY want to do.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 33: January 7, 2010

Richard Morris Richard talks about how it is not only the Residential School that has negatively impacted our lives but more so with colonialism that came with contact. He describes how this happened. Very good show. Survivors Toolkit: Have a hard time saying “no” to people and end up doing things you don’t want to do? Set personal boundaries and free yourself from the “disease to please”

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 32: December 31, 2009

Marilyn Lewis – (intergen) talked about parents habits, what she saw and how she coped. Chief Adam Fiddler – New years wishes for listeners, words of encouragement. NAN Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin – Greetings and wishes for survivors. Edtrip Fiddler – Survivor – Wishes other survivors well, help yourselves, Happy New Year! Survivors Toolkit – New Year Resolutions – why they don’t work. How to say “no” to bad ideas.

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 31: December 24, 2009

Charles Boyce – Survivor – had a brown envelope pinned to jacket when he and his brother were sent without an adult to southern Ontario and had to change trains in Toronto and found their way through kindness of people. Lyn Manitowabi – “Christmas preparation”

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 30: December 17, 2009

Georgina Williams – Survivor - MicMac born in jail to raped mother, ran away from jail at age 18 to begin life. Being lied to by priests and Nuns all her young adult life, Georgina had to relearn life after she escaped into the outside world and learn how to leave her old life behind through counseling. Lyn Manitowabi – continuation of “nutrition”

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 29: December 10, 2009

Intergenerational Youth from DFC Devon B. Meekis – talked about what he knows about res. School and what his parents told him, what he has learned about life, making mistakes and learning from them. Joshua Chicago – talks about education, his family, growing up and what he learned from his parents. Jenay Fiddler – talked briefly about her family, res. School and what she knows about it. Todd Meekis – talked about his family problems, what he’s heard about res. School and what he learned from his mistakes. Lyn Manitowabi – “nutrition”

Your Spirit is Your Voice - Episode 28: December 3, 2009

Elder Ellen Beardy – mother of survivors – talked to us in her language about what she felt when her child was stolen while she and other parents cried for days when their children were taken away to residential school. Elder Susie Jones – Survivor: Walpole Island – says they began working on their survivors and their community and non-aboriginal communities in outlying areas to bring understanding and peace to their region, won award from YMCA. Lyn Manitowabi – our topic tonight is ‘Sleep’ and why it’s important.