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Wawatay has numerous ways that people can interact with us and our site. You can use our RSS feeds to pull content in many ways. You can friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You can also sign up for our weekly email newsletter.

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Wawatay News offers several RSS feeds ranging from news briefs only to everything on the site. You can choose from the listing below:

All content
News Briefs
Feature stories

About RSS:
RSS stand for Real Simple Syndication. It is a type of document intended to provide titles and short summaries of new items. To use the feeds you will need an RSS reader. What reader you get depends on how you like to get updates from us.

Many email programs including Outlook, Outlook Express, ThunderBird, and OSX Mail provide the ability to deliver RSS in a familiar email like format. There are also several web browsers such as FireFox or Internet Explorer that can read RSS files.