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Download True Type Font


This syllabics font is the copyright of Wawatay Native Communications Society. Individuals may download the Wawatay syllabics font for personal use only. To inquire about commercial use of the Wawatay syllabics font and acquiring a license to publish materials with this font, please contact sales,


In order to properly view the articles published in Ojibway, Ojicree and Cree you must have our True Type font installed on your machine. To install the font on your machine

  1. Download the zip file containing the True Type font from our website. (Click here to download font files.)
  2. Unzip the file that you have downloaded.
  3. Install the font files according to the directions below:

    Open Control Panel and choose: "Appearance and Themes"

    From the menu on the left choose: "Fonts"

    This should open a new window.

    Drag and drop the unzipped fonts into the new window.

Keyboard Template

The Wawatay Syllabics font keyboard template shows the keyboard mapping for the Wawatay Syllabics font on a standard keyboard to assist with typing in Syllabics. Click here to download it.