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Feature stories

Wasaya Group trainees looking to the sky

Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug’s Orion McKay is flying a Cessna 152 as part of his Wasaya Group-Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal Management Board pilot training program.

ᓇᐊᐧᐨ ᑕᓂᓯᓂᑲᑌᓂᐊᐧᐣ ᑫᐃᔑᐊᔭᓄᑭᐊᐧᐨ ᑲᐱᒥᑯᓇᑲᓂᐣᐠ ᐃᑫᐧᓂᐊᐧᐠ ᐊᐧᓭᔭ ᐅᑕᓄᑭᐠ

ᐊᐧᓭᔭ ᐱᒥᓭᐃᐧᐣ ᐅᑲᐸᑭᑎᓇᐣ 20-25 ᐅᑕᓄᑭᐣ ᑭᔐᐱᓯᑦ (Feb.) 1 ᒪᑕᐣᑭᓯᐨ.

Layoffs, shorter work weeks at Wasaya

Wasaya Airways will layoff 20-25 people effective Feb. 1.

Decade in review 2000-2009: Kash faces E. coli, fire, inquest

Kashechewan’s E-coli outbreak and the death of two community members due to a jail fire were major stories over the past decade.

Arts stories of the year

Ahmoo Angeconeb Recognized for prints 2009 year of Chapman Portrait series earns praise

Sports Stories of the year

Summer Butterfly excels at winter sport Sharks circle around Jonathan Cheechoo in San Jose Ontario’s NAIG team saved

Cultural stories of the year

NAN launches flag to honour Aboriginal war veterans
Dictionaries legitamize First Nation languages: Morris
Working to overcome addictions

Youth stories of the year

Self-sacrifice, determination keys to youth walk Award-winning student lauded Healing journey from prescription drug abuse

Men of the year

Sandy Lake Chief Adam Fiddler knows media Darcy Kejick: businessman, award winner KI, chief victorious over Platinex

Women of the year

Walk a mile in Sophie Spence’s shoes Keejick stands her ground Improving the quality of life for women

News stories of the year

Prescription drug abuse wreaking havoc on First Nations
Harmonized Sales Tax comes under fire
CAS agencies’ budgets cut, partially restored late in 2009

Power of love helps to heal

On July 5, 2006, the life of Kenina Kakekayash – a long-term employee of Wawatay – was forever changed.

ᑯᑯᔑᐊᑭᑯᑲᐃᐧᐣ ᑲᑭᐃᔑᐱᒥᔭᓂᒧᒋᑲᑌᐠ ᐅᑭᐅᒋ ᓂᓯᑕᐁᐧᑕᐣ ᐊᑕᑦ ᐱᐟᓫᐊᕑ

ᓀᑲᐃᐧᓴᑲᐃᑲᐣ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᐣ ᐊᑕᑦ ᐱᐟᓫᐊᕑ ᐅᑭᔭᓂᒧᑕᐣ ᐊᓂᐣ ᑲᑭᐃᔑ ᐊᔭᑲᐧᒥᓯᑲᑕᐠ ᑎᐸᒋᒧᐃᐧᓂᐠ ᐃᓀᑫ ᒣᑲᐧᐨ ᐊᐱ ᐅᑕᔑᑫᐃᐧᓂᐠ ᑲᑭᐱᑕᑯᔑᓄᒪᑲᓂᑭᐸᐣ ᑯᑯᔑᐊᑭᑯᑲᐃᐧᓂ.

H1N1 outbreak learning experience for Fiddler

Sandy Lake Chief Adam Fiddler spoke about handling media communications during his community’s H1N1 outbreak at the Northern Ontario First Nations Communications Conference.