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Wawatay News, February 14, 2013, Volume 40, No. 6

Families prepare for upcoming inquest into youth deaths

The families of seven Nishnawbe Aski Nation youth who died while attending school in Thunder Bay gathered to begin preparations for the joint inquest into the deaths.

Idle No More: What happens next?

On the surface, it appears that the Idle No More movement is waning in its support and momentum.

Canada agrees to emphasize First Nations in Budget 2013

All parties in the Canadian parliament have agreed to make the economic outcomes of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people a central focus of Budget 2013.

Youth grow through hockey program

Youth held in custody at a Thunder Bay youth detention centre had the opportunity to learn hockey and life skills from a former First Nations NHL player from Feb. 4-6.

Attawapiskat members blockade Debeers winter road twice

The DeBeers winter road has been blocked twice over the past week, an ongoing blockade that began on Feb. 10 and another from Feb. 4-6.

ᑲᑭᒋᐱᒪᑫᐧᐸᐦᐃᑲᓂᐊᐧᐠ ᒪᑎᓭ ᐅᐅᐁᐧ ᑲᐱᒥᑯᓇᑲᐠ

ᐅᐡᑭᑕᐸᐣ 2013 ᑲᑌᓴᐧᓇᑭᑎᔦᐨ ᑕᑲᑫᐧ ᐸᑭᓇᑲᓂᐊᐧᐣ ᐃᐃᐁᐧ ᒣᑲᐧᐨ ᐊᐊᐧᔑᔕᐠ ᐱᒪᑫᐧᐸᐦᐃᑫᐊᑲᓄᐊᐧᐨ ᑲᒐᑲᐧᑭᓯᐨ ᐱᓯᑦ ᐯᔑᑯᔕᑊ ᓀᐃᐧᐨ ᓂᓴᐧᓱᔕᑊ ᐃᓇᑭᓯᐨ ᐃᐃᒪ ᑐᕑᐊᑎᐣ᙮

Kasabonika chief questions police custody death

Kasabonika Chief Gordon Anderson is highlighting his community’s lack of a jail cell after a 23-year-old woman died while in police custody in Kasabonika.

Constance Lake students earn credits while learning trapping from Elders

Mamawamatawa Holistic Education Center in Constance Lake First Nation is offering its students a more traditional option while earning credits towards their high school diploma.

An ‘amazing, inspiring accomplishment’

How would you describe the Idle No More movement, and what it has done to date?

‘There’s anger with the status quo’

To go back to the beginning, in December when Idle No More first got going, what were your thoughts on how much momentum it might have?

Pikangikum jingle dancer joins Idle No More rally

On Jan. 28, Idle No More (INM) supporters convened at Parliament Hill in Ottawa for what was called the INM National Day of Action. Cheryl Suggashie of Pikangikum First Nation, and her friends from her university’s jingle dress program made the journey down to Ottawa for the protest.

Anonymous continues pushing police on assaults on First Nations women

On Jan. 28, Anonymous launched phase 1 of Operation Thunderbird – #OpThunderbird on Twitter – which many people thought would unleash an onslaught of embarrassing information on the members of the Thunder Bay Police Services (TBPS).

Garden River member sent hate mail over Idle No More action

Lesley Belleau of Garden River First Nation has received hate mail after taking part in Idle No More-related activities and giving interviews about the movement to the local Sault St. Marie media.

Thunder Bay police revamping Aboriginal Liaison Unit

The Thunder Bay police plan to revamp its Aboriginal Liaison program in an attempt to have more cultural sensitivity training for all officers on the force.

Bringing this economy to its knees, then raising it back to its human feet

We might be the ones most qualified for that raising up. Haven’t we had that bended knee experience happen to our oikos/economy twice already - once by visitors and more recently by ourselves?

Colonial ideas behind racism

There is no doubt the Idle No More movement has magnified the racist undertones within this country.

The gift of medicine

I’ve heard it said that morning is the universe shrugging itself into wakefulness...

ᑲᓴᐸᓇᑲ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᐣ ᐅᐃᐧᑭᑫᐣᑕᐣ ᑫᑯᓀᐣ ᑲᑭᐅᐣᒋ ᐃᐡᑲᐧᐱᒪᑎᓯᐨ ᐃᑫ ᒣᑲᐧᐨ ᐁᑕᑯᓇᑲᓄᐸᐣ

ᑲᓴᐸᓇᑲ ᐅᑭᒪᑲᐣ ᑲᐧᕑᑎᐣ ᐊᐣᑐᕑᓴᐣ ᐅᑭᔭᓂᒧᑕᐣ ᐅᑕᔑᑫᐃᐧᓂᐠ ᐁᑲ ᑲᑕᑲᐧᓂᐠ ᑭᐸᐦᐅᑎᐃᐧᑲᒥᑯᓂ ᐊᐱ ᐊᐧᐁᐧ ᓂᔑᑕᓇ ᓂᐦᓱᔕᑊ ᐁᑕᓱᔭᑭᐃᐧᓀᐸᐣ ᐅᐡᑭᓂᑭᑫᐧ ᐁᑭᐅᐣᒋ ᐃᐡᑲᐧᐱᒪᑎᓯᐸᐣ ᒣᑲᐧᐨ ᐁᑕᑯᓇᑲᓄᐸᐣ ᐃᒪ ᑲᓴᐸᓇᑲᐠ.

Gravelle takes over Northern Development and Mines

Thunder Bay-Superior MPP Michael Gravelle is taking over as minister of Ontario’s ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM).

Canadian Rangers rescue one of their own

With the rescue of one of their own, Canadian Rangers in Peawanuck have completed their third successful search and rescue mission of the year.

Junior ranger patrol opens in North Caribou Lake

Parents, relatives, friends and community members filled the Sena School gymnasium in North Caribou Lake for a ceremony marking the opening of the community’s new Junior Canadian Ranger patrol.

Tournament season arrives

A brand new 2013 Chevrolet pickup truck is up for grabs at the Little Bands Native Youth Hockey Tournament, being held from Feb. 11-17 in Dryden.