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An Old Warrior Goes Home

If the comings and goings of people can be compared to a pebble tossed into a lake and the resulting ripples that radiate infinitely, then I would say that the passing of John R. Bradley, a member of Six Nations, will bless many with a spirit of good nature and humour for generations.

Finding happiness amid sadness

There have been some disturbing moments in my life as of late.

Grassy Narrows Trappers Track Equality of Justice

The non-native people symbolize justice as a woman.

Swans On The Move

A flock of great white tundra swans fly overhead.

The D’s of Dodgeball

With the alarm set extra early, the captain of the Dodgemauls wakes up an hour and 15 minutes late. The ghost alarm would only go off from Monday to Friday, not the Saturday morning she needed it to.

A Moral Offence Against the Nation

One time a trapper came to the blockade at Grassy Narrows to report his entire trap line had been clear cut.

Something New In OL’CD

Making a living as an artist is not an easy thing to do but most of the time the rewards are amazing.

Feathers of hope

I’ve been following the Feathers of Hope story for almost a year now. In late February, the group released a report that was nineteen months in the making.

The Long Road To Ottawa

Congratulations to the Omushkegowuk Walkers for making their trek to Ottawa all the way from Attawapiskat.

It’s Time To Cut Back On Sugar

There is an epidemic happening in First Nation communities.

Stolen Sisters – Silent Screams? Part One

Do you know any women or girls who live in the posh neighbourhood of Forest Hills in Toronto?

Misplaced values

There was a story that was circulating on social media in January about a couple in Thunder Bay who were charged for animal cruelty.

A Mouth Full Of Problems

Recently I had to deal with a tooth pain so I looked up a dentist in the area and made an appointment.

Seven (Separate) Values

Good morning, Your Honour.

Opening dialogue on law

Hello? Yes, hello Your Honour. May I address the Court? Thank you.