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Boozhoo to You: January 4, 2011

hello guys and gals... Happy New Year!!! its 2011 and this is the first show of the year.... good start for everyone.... this episode has some good tunes weather (not to important LOL) some world news and fun times.... and remember to check us out on facebook!!!!/pages/Boozhoo-2-YOU/192363149069

Boozhoo to You: Dark Knight Zsasz Files

If your want to listen to the dark knight zsasz files radio show, go no further here it is.... tune in to Boozhoo to you every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4pm for an update on part 3 which is currently in the works..

Boozhoo to You: December 16, 2010

Hello everybody this is the December 16 episode.... i have video game delays... also the dark knight skit which i will now call the zsasz files is on it somewhere near the end, with an updated voice overs!!! thank you for listening.. keep an eye out the zsasz files part 3 is in the works.

Boozhoo to You: November 18, 2010

YO! to everyone who listens to the boozhoo 2 you show.. this is the first of many to come. i can't promise every show but this one has the DARK KNIGHT RADIO SKIT!!!! i had a alot of compliments on the skit so enjoy and Remember Boozhoo 2 you is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 -4pm central time!! PEACE!!!

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