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Careers in natural resources exposed to First Nations Youth

Friday August 8, 2014
Jasmine Kabatay/Wawatay News

First Nations youth test out the wind turbines they made as a part of the Natural Resources Science Camp on July 23.

A group of 30 First Nations youth have taken part in a six-week program to help broaden their views of different employment opportunities in the Natural Resource sector.

The First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program (FNNRYEP) learned about sustainable energy on July 23 as one of the Natural Resources Science Camp training. The goal of this is to show the youth more natural resources career paths.

The partnership between Confederation College and Outland Camps provides learning and employment opportunities to First Nations youth. The program has trained over 325 participants since 2000.

Anya Scheibemyr, field supervisor at Outland Camps, says this program benefits the youth both socially and academically.

“A really big thing is the community they create here. They’re meeting other students their age from all over Canada, from Kenora to Timmins and in between. They really become very close, and I do think it’s one of the biggest benefits,” said Scheibmyr.

“They come out of this program with certifications they can put onto their resume for potential employers or for post-secondary education,” said Scheibmyr.

Scheibmyr also explained that students that do this program can also obtain two high-school credits, which helps students struggling with credits graduate.

Benedict Langille, participant of FNNRYEP, has experienced this certain benefit of the program.

“I got co-op credits which helped me graduate earlier than I was supposed to,” said Langille.
“I was able to tell my dad, and he was really proud of that.”

Not only has the program helped him with his academic career, it’s helped him out socially as well.

“Before I came to the program I was more introverted, I didn’t like meeting new people. After coming out here I really lined up, I can speak more clearly, I enjoy talking to people now. I really came out of my shell. It’s awesome stuff you learn out here,” said Langille.

The youth learned about solar and wind energy, and also learned about biomass energy, dendrology, entrepreneurship, and more. They will also be given the opportunity to tour both Confederation College and Lakehead University, as well as the Aviation Centre of Excellence.

FNNRYEP continues through mid-August, with closing ceremonies at the Marina Park on Aug. 14.

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congratulations to all who

congratulations to all who participated and to those who will also participate in the future months and years. My belief is that this will change lifestyles of many First Nations now and for future generations.

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