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Liberals win majority in June 12 provincial election

Thursday June 26, 2014
NDP Gilles Bisson, Timmins-James Bay
NDP Sarah Campbell, Kenora-Rainy River
Liberal Michael Gravelle, Thunder Bay-Superior North
Liberal Bill Mauro, Thunder Bay-Atikokan
Liberal party leader and Premier Kathleen Wynne

Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee is calling the June 12 Liberal majority provincial election victory a potential win-win for First Nations.

“The 60,000 Anishinabek living in Ontario want to congratulate Premier (Kathleen) Wynne on her impressive election victory,” Madahbee said. “Her minority government has listened to our plans to create our own institutions in areas like education and child welfare. A majority government should give them the confidence to support our efforts to make these things happen.”

The Liberals won 58 ridings, the Progressive Conservatives 28 and the New Democratic Party 21 according to the unofficial election results listed on the Elections Ontario website. The Liberals held 48 seats in the 107-seat legislature when the election was called, the PCs 37 and the NDP 21 with one seat vacant.

More than 50 per cent of the 9.2 million people eligible to vote cast their votes, ending a 24-year decline in voter turnout over the past five provincial elections.

NDP candidate Sarah Campbell retained her Kenora-Rainy River seat with 12,872 votes compared to runner-up Randy Nickle’s 5,905.

Liberal candidate Michael Gravelle retained his Thunder Bay-North Superior seat with 15,503 votes compared to runner-up Andrew Fould’s 8,144.

Liberal candidate Bill Mauro retained his Thunder Bay-Atikokan seat with 15,177 votes compared to runner-up Mary Kozorys’ 8,072.

NDP candidate Gilles Bisson retained his Timmins-James Bay seat with 11,818 votes compared to runner-up Sylvie Fontaine’s 5,592.

Regional Chief Stan Beardy looks forward to more stability with the new Liberal majority.

“I look forward to the work we started and strengthening our relationship with the province,” Beardy said.

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