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Sioux Lookout local launches first children’s book

Thursday June 12, 2014
Michael Dube
Photos by Blue Earth Photography/Special to Wawatay News

My Dad, the Snow Plow Man is a children’s book self-published by Sioux Lookout’s Michael Dube. It is available at Anchor Art in Sioux Lookout and online at

Sioux Lookout’s Michael Dube recently launched his first illustrated children’s book, titled My Dad, The Snow Plow Man.

“It’s been a story in my head for years, and with my dad getting older and now my son in my life, I thought it was about time to make this vision a reality,” Dube said.

The book tells the story of a young boy’s adventures with his dad while plowing the roads.
My Dad, The Snow Plow Man features some illustrated landmarks from Dubes youth such as Highway 105 near Ear Falls. The new author was raised in Ear Falls and Rainy River.

Dube based the story off of one of his favourite childhood memories.

“My dad worked for the highways department for over 20 years,” Dube said. “On days when he was bored, he’d often take either me or my brother along to keep him company.”

Dube explained that the story was written several years ago but he didn’t get around to doing anything with it until earlier this year.

“I wanted my dad to be able to have a copy for himself. I thought it would be something pretty great to be able to read with his grandson,” Dube said.

“It’s a story I think a lot of children can relate to,” Dube said. “It’s about being proud about your father’s work and the simple joys and magic of every day life.”

Dube was not sure how to get an illustrator for the book, so he went online to find a freelance illustrator to create the illustrations that are so integral to the story.

“I ended up finding a freelance illustrator from Turkey,” Dube said. “We communicated online with her sketches and my direction, and within a few weeks I received the images I needed to proceed with self-publishing.”

Dube has a couple of more books that are in the early stages, which he says will be the same type of illustrated children’s books.

He explains that the cost of self-publishing will be a major factor, though.

“Unless a publisher comes along, I have to come up with more money to publish the next book,” he said.

My Dad, The Snow Plow Man is available at Anchor Art in Sioux Lookout for $8.99 (plus applicable taxes), and is also available for purchase online at Dube hopes to have some copies of the book distributed to libraries across northern Ontario in the near future.

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