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Long Lake #58 sisters to perform at NAIG 2014

Thursday June 12, 2014
Submitted by Anita Fisher

Hannah and Natasha Fisher have been performing live music together for four years.

Long Lake #58 First Nation sisters Natasha and Hannah Fisher will be performing at the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) this July in Regina.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Natasha said. “We feel really privileged just to go there and represent our community and this territory.”

Natasha, 18, and Hannah, 24, have been involved in music their whole lives but have been “taking it seriously” together for the past four years.

Natasha is a vocalist. As a child, she sang in a choir and later began taking vocal lessons at the age of 14.

“I feel that really helped me grow musically,” Natasha said of the lessons.

Hannah is a guitarist. She originally took piano lessons before moving onto the guitar at the age of 13.

“I learned (how to play guitar) online,” Hannah said. She can now tab out songs by ear.

When the sisters perform together, the music they play is a mix of pop and alternative rock.
Natasha said that she and her sister grew up listening to The Beatles, The Bee Gees, and The Rolling Stones.

“We’ve had a lot of influence from our dad’s taste in music,” Natasha said.

Natasha explained though that when she writes her original music, it is usually in the style of R&B. For her singing, Natasha is influenced by pop artist Rihanna.

“I’ve grown up listening to her since I was like eight years old,” Natasha said. “She directly influences me.”

Hannah finds her musical influences in alternative rock artists like Jack White and The Black Keys.

“And I just love John Lennon to this day,” Hannah said.

Although Natasha and Hannah spend time writing their own music, they usually play song covers when they perform together.

“It gets the crowd involved,” Natasha said. “Especially when it’s a kids show, I feel super comfortable. I know the kids will rock out with me if I bring it out of them. I like doing that.”

Hannah said that she also enjoys performing live, but finds it nerve-racking.

“Natasha is very comfortable, she’s in her own environment,” Hannah said of her sister’s stage presence. “She can interact well with the crowd.”

Hannah is currently pursuing a degree in law, with Natasha looking to pursue a career in music through a school in Toronto. Hannah said that performing music is an “escape” for her.

“I just love to play music,” Hannah said. “I love to do it on my free time. Whenever Natasha wants to go forward with her career I will be there to support her or go with her to do live performances.”

Natasha has been working on her solo career, most recently with Aboriginal media company They.Media.

“They’ve been giving me beats and I’ve been writing a 4-5 song EP,” Natasha said.

She said that they are excited to perform at the Indigenous Games.

“We are excited to go and meet different artists and different people, it’s really exciting,”
Natasha said. “It’s an international event that we got booked for and that’s amazing.”

The sisters are performing next at this year’s Aboriginal Day Gala in Thunder Bay, and Natasha can be contacted for performances on her Facebook artist’s page.

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