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Bringing you coverage of the provincial election in four ridings

Friday May 30, 2014

In this issue of Wawatay News, we are pleased to offer you our extensive coverage of the Ontario election for 2014.

First off, we want to show our readers the boundaries of each riding to illustrate how vast only four ridings take up in northern Ontario.

Below, readers can learn how they can take part in the voting process in an Ontario election.

On the next page, Alanna McKenzie of Muskrate Dam First Nation offers an analysis of how First Nations voted in the last election (2011), and how our readers can make impacts in this election. She looks at the overall voter turnout, which communities had the highest turnout, which parties First Nations favoured, and looks at where First Nations may play a crucial role once all votes are sent.

And for the following 10 pages, the party leaders and riding candidates respond to our questions on the issues we felt were of interest to our readers.

Some are general and some are more specific.

The Ring of Fire was a topic we chose not to focus on because a) it’s an easy talking point for politicians b) we figured it would eventually be discussed during debates and media scrums. Sure enough, the Ring of Fire became a major topic during the latest debate. But we did hint at it when we asked party leaders how First Nations would benefit from resource extraction.

We sent three questions to each party leader, and three different questions to each riding candidate, and gave them a limit of 60 words to respond.

Almost all of them responded. We did send out questions to the Libertarian party head office, as well as to a candidate in one riding, but did not get a response.

And as our readers can see, one party leader did not respond. An e-mail from a representative indicated that the party leader was too busy campaigning and had too many media inquiries.

In an effort to demonstrate objectivity, we have arranged the party leaders’ or candidates’ responses alphabetically by last name.

And while we have tried our best to cover the election, we hope our readers cotinue to follow the campaigns and debates so they can make informed decisions once they mark their ballot.

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