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Attawapiskat evacuees returning home

Tuesday May 20, 2014
Facebook photo by Janie Wesley

A photo of the Attawapiskat River on May 19. Water levels decreased significantly since the First Nation declared a state of emergency on May 16, which led to the evacuation of more than 1,000 residents. Now those residents will be returning home over the following three days.

Residents of Attawapiskat who were evacuated over the weekend are heading back home after the First Nation lifted its state of emergency on May 19.

More than 1,000 evacuees are expected to return over the next three days from six host communities, including Kirkland Lake, Fort Frances and Wawa in Ontario, and Val d’Or, Rouyn-Noranda and La Sarre in Quebec.

The First Nation declared a state of emergency on May 16 after the breakup of the Attawapiskat River led to rising water levels.
Now community leaders and Ministry of Natural Resources officials agree the community is safe from flooding after most of the ice has flown out the bay and water levels have receded.

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management is coordinating the return of Attawapiskat residents with leaders from the community along with other federal and provincial departments and the host communities.

Last year, more than 400 residents were evacuated due to the threat of flooding. Another 70 were evacuated prior to that after they experienced sewage backups in their homes.

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holay, they seem to evacuate

holay, they seem to evacuate all the time, i dont understand why they just dont move the community or just get everybody the heck out of there, who in there right mind would wanna live in an isolated community anyway? theres nothing there!

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