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Finding happiness amid sadness

Wednesday April 16, 2014

There have been some disturbing moments in my life as of late.

It’s the kind of stuff that just gets to you, the stuff that ruins your day and makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. I felt as though I was constantly looking over my shoulder, that something was out to get me.

I usually handle my issues better, but things were beginning to get super stressful.

I encountered forces that seemed intent on destroying my relationships and thus affecting my life.

It’s something that was previously hard for me to talk about because it felt like this destructive force, this person to be exact, would be winning if I spoke about it, if I let it get me down enough to discuss it with anyone.

What would people say anyway, if I let them know what was bothering me? Would they think it trivial and a waste of time? I wasn’t sure. I kept it to myself for the most part.

I am not sure why this person wanted to hurt the people in my life. When I think about it from this person’s point of view, it’s not hard for me to empathize with their situation.

But I can also see when lines are being crossed and when things have gone too far.

For some reason, this person couldn’t see things the same way, and they went to extreme lengths to cross those lines. They made up lies and stories. This well-documented behaviour continued on for almost a year. Numbers had to be changed, e-mail accounts were disabled, and profiles were blocked on social media.

This negative behaviour hit its peak in a public display of lies and deception. It was so outrageous that I had to get the police involved.

Suffice it to say, things have since died down a little after the truth came out.

I really do hope this person gets the help and support they need because nobody should have to live like that. Nobody should have to live his or her life with so much focus on a past hurt. They should be able to heal.

When something happens, like for instance a break up, and people are wounded, they need to know that it isn’t the end of the world. They need to know that their heartache needs time to heal, and they need to realize that maybe things don’t work out for a reason.

There is so much more to life out there to be lived.

How can you see that when you are too focused on the one thing that you couldn’t acquire?

I know how easy it is to feel bitter, to resent things, to wish everything was different. I know what it’s like to not be fond of your place in life, but feeling those ways never made me any happier. And feeling those ways didn’t get me to where I am today, which is happy.
I am happy today.

And I am glad to read about stories of others who found their own happiness through all their sadness.

I am glad to talk to people who found their own happiness after everything they’ve been through.

Some of those stories are so heartbreaking and tragic, and there is a feeling of hopelessness to the experiences but yet they overcame it all.

And they’re kind enough to share their stories of healing.

I think it is an admirable feat to be able to endure any kind of tremendous heartache or hurt and eventually come out of it still a kind person, free from bitterness and resentment.

But it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you are suffering alone.

When things got tough for me a few years ago, I had support systems; I had help from friends and loved ones. They’re the ones who really helped see me through the events in my life where my heart and spirit were totally crushed and my world was falling apart. They’re the ones who helped me remember to laugh, and to remember all of the good things I still had in my life.

I think it is very important to have those support systems in your life, trusted people to be open and honest with so you aren’t repressing anything, because repressing something that is painful to you is never good.

Repressing can cause you to feel even more alone, to do things you wouldn’t normally do. So ask for help if you need it.

Remember that there’s a whole world out there full of life and opportunities you have yet to experience. Nobody should be denied a happy life.

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