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Ice Road Truckers found filming near Deer Lake

Thursday March 6, 2014

When Trace Meekis-Beardy and her husband Leslie were on their way home to Deer Lake after helping a friend in need in North Spirit Lake on Feb. 16, they wound up coming across some familiar faces from television.

Two cast members from the History Channel show Ice Road Truckers were filming segments for an upcoming episode of the reality show on the winter road from the town of Red Lake to Deer Lake.

“They were just getting off of North Spirit Lake and getting onto land,” Meekis-Beardy said.
“They were filming. We dropped our friend off and tried to catch up to them on the road.”

Meekis-Beardy said that they stopped to chat with the crew and also two of the Ice Road Truckers, Polar Industries’ Lisa Kelly and Art Burke.

“I was happy, we all were happy,” Meekis-Beardy said of meeting the truckers from the show.

Meekis-Beardy and her husband drove back to Deer Lake and were filmed welcoming the truckers into the community at the check point.

“We shook their hands,” Meekis-Beardy said. “We had to welcome them into Deer Lake.”

Meekis-Beardy said that they had to sign release forms and were told that they could be featured in an upcoming episode.

After the truckers left Deer Lake, they also stopped to talk to and film North Spirit Lake First Nation members Brandon Rae, Destiny Meekis, and Apryl Kakekagumick, who were all ice fishing outside of North Spirit.

“Apryl was just pulling out a fish as they were filming,” Rae said.

The reality show is filming for its eighth season. There is no official date for when the new season will air.

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