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Racism awareness week

Wednesday March 19, 2014

In recognition of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, two separate committees are hosting anti-racism awareness weeks within Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay respectively.

Sioux Lookout’s Racism Awareness Week, taking place March 16-23, has or will feature events such as: an exhibition of photographs by Adrienne Fox and Brent Wesley entitled, “I am Indigenous” (all week); a CD launch of “Biindigen”, an Ojibwe language songs recording (March 16); a spaghetti supper with cultural exhibits (March 17), a presentation by Garnet Angeconeb and Ashley Wright about the educational website (March 18); ; a screening of the film, Watermark (March 20); a family fun day at Cedar Bay (March 22) and a family dance in Frenchman’s Head (March 22). Other events within organizations such as the Sioux Lookout Public Library, the Nishnawbe Gamik Friendship Centre, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, and Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre, will be going on throughout the week.

Sioux Lookout’s event will also feature the first viewing outside of Thunder Bay of “Walk a Mile”, a documentary series aimed at fostering the relationship between Thunder Bay’s Aboriginal population and the broader community.

In Thunder Bay, Lakehead University is hosting its Aboriginal Awareness Week from March 17-21.

The week began on March 17 with a screening of “Walk-A-Mile” followed by “Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Dreams,” a feature documentary featuring Thunder Bay resident Maggie Sofea. On March 20, the event will feature a speaking series and art show from local artists Damien Lee, Christian Chapman and Jean Marshall.

On March 21, a talk on “Breaking the Stigma on Suicide” will be hosted by firefighter and photographer Scott Chisholm, founder of the Collateral Damage Project.

LU’s week also featured an artisan market, an Elders and youth roundtable, and a two-spirited workshop.

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