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Pursuing a championship

Wednesday March 19, 2014
Photos by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Joe Boyce of the Bushtown Jets makes a pass while pursued by Jonathon Strang of the Pikangikum Ice Bears.
Photos by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Ezra Yellowhead led the Wolves’ attack in the B-side final with eight goals and an assist.
Photos by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Ice Bear Mason Pascal squeezes Christian Nate Jr. of the Jets out of the play.
Photos by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Temus Ombash, right, of Cat Lake Weecobeyang, ties up Gerrick Oombash of Cat Lake Rez 216 in front of the Weecobeyang net.
Photos by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Nibinamik Wolves won the Northern Bands B-side championship and $8,000 with a win over the Pikangikum Rez 208 Braves.
Photos by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Jets forward Justin Wabano, no. 18, whoops it up after scoring his second goal of the A-side final.
Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Bushtown’s Chris Bois scores the last goal of the Northern Bands tournament on a breakaway, sealing his team’s 7-1 A-side championship win over goalie Livio Dunsford and his Pikangikum Ice Bear teammates. Dunsford was named the most valuable player after the game. In the B-side, the Nibinamik Wolves defeated the Pikangikum Rez 208 Braves 11-6 to secure the championship. Meanwhile, two Cat Lake teams met in the C-side final, with the Cat Lake Weecobeyang defeating the Cat Lake Rez 216 9-1. The Northern Bands event in Dryden featured 29 teams playing in almost 100 games from March 11 to 16.

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