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Weagamow musician performs at national music awards show

Thursday January 9, 2014
Nick Sherman

Nick Sherman’s performance at and nomination to the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards is Wawatay’s #1 Entertainment story of the year.

“I was really excited to share the stage with performers that I’ve been watching for quite some time,” Sherman said after the August 2013 awards ceremony. “I was looking forward to performing and, of course, a little nervous. I thought performance went well and I was really happy to hear that people enjoyed the song after I performed.”

Sherman performed a solo acoustic set of Wrong Side of Town, a song from his latest album Drag Your Words Through, during the annual awards ceremony.

The album was nominated for Best Folk/Acoustic CD and Sherman was also nominated for Best New Artist at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards.

Although Sherman didn’t win, he was happy with his opportunity to perform in front of a national audience.

Sherman grew up in Sioux Lookout, Weagamow and on his family’s trapline at North Caribou Lake, where he often listened to family members playing their favourite songs.

Sherman bought his first guitar at age 14 and began learning how to create his own music. He taught himself how to play by learning every chord he could in an old hymn book and, to this day, he has never taken one formal lesson in guitar and singing.

Sherman draws inspiration equally from traditional songs sung at northern funerals and musicians Tom Waits or William Elliott Whitmore.

Sherman was one of more than 175 recording artists who submitted their work to the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards.

Jacquie Black, an Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards representative, said Sherman’s recognition by industry voters was a “true reflection of his dedication and musical abilities.”

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