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Little bands brings youth together

Wednesday February 20, 2013
Sachigo Atoms were the best of the bunch in their division.

Anna Phelan/Special to Wawatay News
Slate Falls took the Peewee title.

Anna Phelan/Special to Wawatay News
Keiron Kakepetum led several Sandy Lake rushes in a bantam game against Lac Seul. The Lac Seul team gave Kakepetum and his teammates little room to skate, however, on the way to a 8-1 semifinal victory.

photo by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News
In the novice division, for players five to seven years old, Wyatt McKay of Sachigo Lake fires a shot by Bearskin Lake’s Casey Gardner.

photo by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News
A Sachigo Lake defender leans on Kolton Meekis of Sandy Lake in an atom semifinal game.

photo by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News
Tyler Kakegamicof Sandy Lake’s bantam team looks for a way past a Lac Seul defender.

photo by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News
Sandy Lake atom forwards, from right, Trent Kakepetum and Shane Phelan watch a shot beat goalie Elijah Mekanak of Sachigo Lake.

photo by Bryan Phelan/Wawatay News

Sachigo Lake, Lac Seul and Sandy Lake were the big winners at the 2013 Little Bands Native Youth Hockey Tournament, held Feb. 11-17 in Dryden.

“The Sachigo teams were pretty good,” said Little Bands tournament organizer Stephan Fiddler, noting they won the A-Side Atom and the B-Side Peewee championships and were runners-up in the A-Side Bantam, the A-Side Novice and the B-Side Midget championships.

This year’s Little Bands tournament attracted more than 600 players, coaches, parents and fans.

“Everybody was happy because we played all our games under one roof,” Fiddler said. “We had it in Sioux Lookout before and we had games in Eagle Lake too at the same time we were having the tournament in Sioux Lookout. This one in Dryden worked a lot better for everybody.”

Fiddler said Dryden had more to offer for tournament players, coaches, parents and fans than Sioux Lookout.

”There were more hotels and a lot more things to do in Dryden,” Fiddler said. “The Dryden mayor was at the Dryden arena most of the time.”

Little Bands organizers are currently looking at adding a girls hockey division for next year’s tournament after requests from community members.

“We’re going to add a girls division for next year,” Fiddler said.

Fiddler encouraged youth to prepare for next year’s Little Bands tournament.

“Start practicing,” Fiddler said, “respect the game, respect your opponents and have fun.”
Other winners included Lac Seul, who won the A-Side Midget and A-Side Bantam championships and was runner-up in the A-Side Peewee championship.

Sandy Lake won the A-Side Novice, B-Side Bantam and C-Side Peewee championships and was runner-up in the A-Side Midget championships.

Kasabonika Lake won the B-Side Midget championship and was runner-up in the B-Side Peewee championship.

Kingfisher Lake won the C-Side Midget championship.

Round Lake won the C-Side Bantam championship.

Bearskin Lake were runners-up in the A-Side Atom, B-Side Bantam, C-Side Midget and C-Side Peewee championships.

Slate Falls was runner-up in the A-Side Bantam championship.

Pikangikum was runner-up in the C-Side Bantam championship.

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