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Duncan resigns from Aboriginal Affairs

Tuesday February 19, 2013

John Duncan, federal minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, has resigned as minister.

Duncan submitted his resignation on Feb. 15, citing an inappropriate letter he wrote to the Tax Court of Canada as reason for stepping down.

“In June of 2011 I wrote a character reference letter to the Tax Court of Canada on behalf of an individual who my constituency staff was providing casework assistance on a Canada Revenue Agency matter,” Duncan said in a statement.

“While the letter was written with honourable intentions, I realize that it was not appropriate for me, as a Minister of the Crown, to write to the Tax Court. I have therefore offered my resignation as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development to the Prime Minister, which he has accepted,” he said.

Duncan will remain MP for Vancouver Island North.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore will serve as the acting minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development until Duncan’s replacement is named.

NDP Aboriginal Affairs critic Jean Crowder commended Duncan for taking responsibility for his actions. But Crowder added that the government now has to find a permanent replacement in the near future.

“At this crucial time in First Nation, Metis and Inuit relations, the Prime Minister must move quickly to replace Duncan with a full-time minister – not someone who’s time is split between three ministries – who can help the Conservative government change direction and start building a more respectful nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations, Metis and Inuit,” Crowder said in a press release.

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(not a reply, i cant seem to

(not a reply, i cant seem to post otherwise)i weachtd the initial live conference thingy, it seemed to me the two on stages focus was on the issue of the 'third party' overseeing the funds.I saw little interest in actually talking about the suffering and the actions needed.even when directly asked what they have recieved and what do they need it seemed it still went back to the issue of someone over seeing the money.."we dont need a third party' i think was one the responses to 'what do you need'.i may be mistaken.It seemed to me that the issue of a 'third party' overseeing the funds and how they are spent (issueing the money) as they go along is the issue at centre stage, i believe they recieved $20,000 already and have $2,000,000 available through the third party who they have to explain what they need money for and where it is going and likely have to provide proof of purchases and such before recieving more money.seems that such issues took centre stage over the needs of those in the community.but thats just my opinion, i didnt watch the whole confedrence...(or whatever you call that sort of thing with the media)

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