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The relaunch of SEVEN

Thursday January 24, 2013

SEVEN youth magazine, launched in 2007, will resume publication this coming April after a year-long hiatus. Wawatay is committed to recommencing the publication of SEVEN.

The magazine will come out four times a year inside a volume of Wawatay News, and will continue to be comprised of content generated by First Nations youth for First Nations youth – with the majority of the material coming from SEVEN readers themselves.

I will be the youth editor of SEVEN, which is a position I did not think I would ever obtain. I was a contributor to SEVEN in 2008, which was the very first time my work was ever published. I submitted a review of my favourite movie, Battle Royale, and the feeling I got from seeing my words staring back at me from the magazine really inspired and motivated me to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a writer.

That feeling of accomplishment and pride is something I have seen in many youth whose words and art end up on the pages of SEVEN.

It is an excellent tool for the youth to not only express themselves but also to read and learn about other youth who are doing well in their own communities. The content featured in the magazine gives hope and encouragement to young First Nations readers, and it is important to keep it available for them.

Unlike the prior history of SEVEN magazine, the publishing costs this time around will be covered mainly by the sale of advertising and sponsorships. So the more advertisements sold, the more pages each edition of SEVEN will have – thus opening up more space for the many submissions we receive from First Nations youth across the region. Remember, the magazine is a platform for our First Nations youth to showcase their creativity and accomplishments. It is vital to keep this channel open, giving youth a source of inspiration and a place to voice their concerns. Any businesses and organizations that wish to support this outlet for the youth, while also promoting their products and services, can do so by purchasing ads or sponsoring the magazine. Call Wawatay’s Thunder Bay office at 1-888-575-2349 toll free or (807)-344-3022 for more information.

The SEVEN website will also be revamped in the near future, and will serve as a broader channel for youth to inspire and support one another.

Any submissions from youth, aged 13-30, can be e-mailed to me at
SEVEN looks forward to receiving submissions from our First Nations youth, who are very talented, intelligent and resilient. To them I say, “Keep expressing yourself because nobody else can do it for you.”

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