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Spence may end her fast: reports

Wednesday January 23, 2013

There are multiple reports indicating that Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence will end her sacred fast Jan. 24, but her spokesperson said it is only a possibility.

“The key word is ‘may.’ She may end it,” said Danny Metatawabin. “That’s up to Theresa and Raymond (Robinson).”

Metatawabin said an announcement will be made Jan. 24 in Ottawa.

Spence has been fasting since Dec. 11 and said she would only end the fast after Prime Minister Stephan Harper and Governor General David Johnston agree to meet with First Nations leaders to talk about the treaty relationship between First Nations and the federal government.

Harper met with AFN Chief Shawn Atleo and 20 other chiefs on Jan. 11, a meeting Spence boycotted along with other chiefs from Manitoba and Ontario as it did not meet her criteria of having the governor general present.

Both Harper and AANDC Minister John Duncan have said the governor general would not attend such a meeting as he has no official duties related to policy and decision-making.

Raymond Robinson is a Cree Elder from Cross Lake, Man., who began his fast 10 hours after Spence. He joined her on Victoria Island on Dec. 31 and has been attending meetings with Spence at her request.

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