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Wawatay’s photos of the year

Thursday January 10, 2013
In our number one photo of the year, an Elder shows the line and stick method of ice fishing at the Sachigo Lake fishing derby in February.

Lenny Carpenter
Honourable mention: A young boy cuts the ribbon for the Kingfisher Lake Omahamo store in May. (Photo by Christian Quequish)
Honourable mention: Orien stands outside the Attawapiskat portables during last winter’s housing crisis. (photo by Johan Hellberg)
Honourable mention: Sandy Lake runners take off during the community’s marathon run for diabetes. (photo by Lis Roach)
Honourable mention: Terry Waboose explains his position on the Ring of Fire mine to Ontario ministers Kathleen Wynne and Micheal Gravelle. (photo by Lenny Carpenter)
The second place photo of the year, a beautiful shot of a powerful march as the Kingfisher Lake walkers get close to finishing their prescription drug abuse awareness walk in Sioux Lookout.
Honourable mention: Treydon Munroe gets involved in the Bearskin Lake fall hunt.
In our third place photograph, country superstar Crystal Shawanda was caught mid jump on a Moose Factory stage as the crowd gazed in admiration.
Honourable mention: Darren Hudson and Colin Tait take on some water in their homemade raft during the Kitchenuhmaykoosib raft race in July.

Bryan Phelan
Honourable mention: Leo Baskatwang drags the Indian Act across Canada. (Photo by Christian Quequish)
Honourable mention: Sarah Mickelson gets up close with the Stanley Cup in Garden River. (Photo by Pauline Mickelson)

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