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Sachigo Lake holds outdoor gathering

Thursday July 26, 2012
Cindy McKay from Sachigo Lake cuts up a fresh kill of moose for the Mamoskawin week.

Photos by Henry Beardy/Wawatay News
Sachigo children playing on a big rock, while Antonio Tait comes running towards the camera.

Photos by Henry Beardy/Wawatay News
Chief Titus Tait (left) having a conversation with guest musicians Gerry Mckiver (front) from Winnipeg, Manitoba and Hank Williams from Shoal Lake First Nation (back).

Photos by Henry Beardy/Wawatay News
Mary Tait dries down the wet turkey before it is ready to be roasted under a can.

Photos by Henry Beardy/Wawatay News
Sachigo Lake youth playing an evening game of volleyball at the Mamoskawin grounds. While Tanya Barkman watches, Randell Barkman tries to spike the ball past Jonah Tait.

Photos by Henry Beardy/Wawatay News
Sachigo Lake holds outdoor gathering.

Photos by Henry Beardy/Wawatay News

Sachigo Lake First Nation celebrated its 12th Annual Mamowskawin from July 9-15.

The community gathering, which brought positive lifestyles together, was held approximately 17 km northwest of the community. The gathering featured traditional and modern cooking, tea brewing at every tent and people cooking for family and friends. It also had nightly entertainment such as country music, classic rock, gospel singing and square dancing from local and guest musicians.

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